Just Diagnosed With Cancer?


A Very Tough Situation to Deal With

If you are in this position, of having just heard you have a diagnosis of cancer, I have great empathy for you, in fact more than I can easily put into words.  I have been through this with so many people that are close to me, including my own wife.  I have seen so many die in extreme distress and pain.  Not just physical pain, but deep emotional pain, sadness and fear.  I don’t want this for you. I would rather see you recover, and find a new level of abundant health.  So I have decided to share with you some of what I have learned.

Where I Come From

For the last 48 years, I have been an independent health researcher, doing my work quietly, less than low profile, just following the clues I had, to identify the causes, preventions and cures of this terrible disease, and other chronic and degenerative conditions.  I wanted to understand what we call “aging” as well as “disease,” how they develop, if they are really necessary, and to cut through all of our conditioning to learn what is really our normal state.   In all that time, I discovered some things that are so amazing, I can barely put them into words.  So what I have to say in this post may sound strange to many readers.  I am an outside the box thinker, in fact way outside, because I don’t care if anyone agrees or disagrees with what I discover (we each have to find our own individual path), I just care whether or not it is true, and if it works in real life.  And to me, the investigation is never over, we just keep learning more.  I am always very happy to learn from others, to replace the latest interpretation of what I have learned so far with something more complete and accurate.  There is no place for ego in this search for knowledge, it is about helping each other to learn as much as we can.

Listen To Your Own Guidance

Anything that I say here that seems not to fit for you, just discard it.  I do not want you to just agree with what I say, but to explore and discover for yourself, even if your answers turn out to be very different.  We all have strong internal guidance that will tell us what is right for us if we learn to be quiet inside and listen, to pay attention to how we feel, and the small internal voice that is always guiding us right.  I want that for you.

So after decades of silence on these issues, I will now to tell you a bit of what I have discovered in my quest for understanding.  I do it because I feel deeply for you and what you are going through, that is my only motive.


Because we live in a society where health issues and health care are tightly controlled by the health authorities and government, I have to remind you that nothing written here is meant to diagnose or treat any disease, and if you need medical or health-related help of any kind, please see your healthcare professional.  In the following paragraphs, I only share what I have come to understand after traveling a very long road, and perhaps some part of it may help you to realize what is right for you.

The Body’s Great Healing Ability and Natural State

So here is what I have found.  The body is a conscious, self-healing mechanism.  Every cell in it has awareness and intelligence and sensitivity, and strives for balance and health and life.  If we provide what is needed for the body to do its work and maintain itself, and if we do not give it anything that causes it harm, it does an amazing job of self-repair and maintenance of a high state of health, including mental clarity and emotional stability.  In other words, we have the potential to live our entire lives free of degeneration and what is commonly known as “aging,” and to remain healthy until the day we die.  We die when it is time to move on to our next experience.  We do not have to die because our body has been ruined.  If it can no longer function, we may have to die then, just because it will not work as our home any longer.  But this is not our natural potential, it just happens to be common in our current, very sick, society.

There is a lot we can do not to follow the common path of disease.   Our conditioning over many years, learning habits that have damaged the body can make it very hard to change, but if you have the courage, and if it is right for you, you can do it.  I believe you have great brilliance and power in you, and if you allow it to come through, that will happen.  Love, not fear, is the driving force for lasting success on all levels.

The Huge Importance of What We Eat, Nutrients and Toxins

I already said the body has intelligence in every cell, as long as you are alive and present in your body.  What we eat and drink every day is incredibly important for our health.  Food can have nutrients in it, and it can also have toxins, poisons that can kill our cells and interfere with essential functions in the body.  The toxins come in many forms.  These include  poison residues in our food from the current system of chemical agriculture, where plants are grown with chemical fertilizers and poison sprays.  The poisons we get from genetically modified (GMO) foods are even worse and very destructive.  There is poison in our water, especially in cities that use fluoride chemicals, and there is poison in our air, from all kinds of industrial pollution, from radioactive sources like Fukushima, and from high altitude spraying of toxic metals that is going on virtually every day over America and many countries around the world.

Most of the poisons in our environment are being produced by partnerships between governments and multinational corporations.  It makes a very challenging environment to live in and try to maintain our health.  On top of those kinds of environmental poisons, we now have all the drug poisons provided to us by the medical industry.  The body does not react to these toxic chemicals as helpful, even if they are called “medicine.”  The body knows them for the poisons they are, and takes defensive action as much as it can.

Why Detoxification is Incredibly Important

What defensive action can the body take against such a wide array of poisons coming in every day?  It tries to eliminate them through the intestinal tract, the skin, the breath, and the kidneys.  But most of us are eating foods that give the body a lot of extra work in digestion and elimination every day, and the biggest part of its energy has to go there.  So the result is, it has to start storing the excess poisons, and it does this in cells throughout the body, where they can remain for years.  The point is they are at least kept out of the bloodstream that way, until some time in the future when the body has extra energy to spend, to take out those stored poisons and get rid of them.

But usually what happens is that those poisons build up more and more, and eventually they start to cause trouble in the body, depending on what is the “weak link” in each person’s particular system.  So I have found this to be a major cause of disease and what we call “aging.”  But there is another cause, besides these stored up poisons, and that is lack of vital nutrients.

Essential Nutrients

One thing that makes it very hard for us to understand what nutrients and what foods we need to eat to stay healthy, is that usually when we are young, we have so much native vitality that even if we eat very poorly, we feel great, sometimes for years.  When we occasionally get sick, we are told we “caught” some sickness, as if it has no connection to anything we are doing, such as diet or other things.  So we learn gradually that what we eat makes no difference.  The health care system in America obviously believes this, which you can see from the kind of food that is served in hospitals.

And then there are the cultural and emotional patterns all built around certain ways of eating that we get used to, that have nothing to do with good health, but we get deeply attached to them.  The body doesn’t care about our emotional attachments to foods, if they are harmful to the body, some kind of trouble eventually occurs.  So we need to understand what food the body can use for best results.  Then if we stick to those foods, learn how to help the body clean out the stored toxins we talked about above, and learn a few other ways of working with nature, the body’s amazing healing powers are unleashed, disease can often disappear, and signs of aging can reverse.  If you did not understand it, you might think it was magic, but it’s just the way our bodies were designed.  So what do we need to know about food?

Life Force

Ancient teachers of natural, holistic health understood that food brings energy or life force into the body.  It brings the energy of Sun and Earth, in a form we can assimilate (we still need sun exposure on our skin and eyes, and Earth grounding, and maybe we can cover that in detail in another post).  Food comes from the soil, and to produce good food, the soil needs to be cared for properly.  It is a living universe in itself, not just some inert material that is there to hold plants up (I was told exactly that by professors in agriculture school long ago, before I learned better).   No poisons of any kind should be used, and no chemical fertilizers.  Plants need to be normal natural, plants, not genetically modified mixtures of species (“GMO’s”).  Heirloom varieties of plants are the ones that are the closest to natural form, and the best nutritionally.

In the store, we can buy food that is certified as organically grown, and avoid anything else, or anything with ingredients that are not 100% organic.  Eventually, we can look for a way to grow our own organic food, or buy it from someone who does.   Even if they grow food that is not “certified,” if it’s really organic, that is enough.  The better care they take of the soil, the better the food will be.  Just having no poison is good, but adding natural minerals like finely ground rock dust, and organic matter (like mowed down cover crops or compost) makes it much better.  From one point of view, it is all about maximizing life force.

Rock dust is a great mostly unknown secret, even to most organic gardeners.  But all of the Earth minerals that make up our bones and catalyze reactions in our bodies come from only one source: rocks.  And they have to be finely ground in the soil to be usable to the plants and the micro-organisms that feed the plants.  A big subject, but maybe we’ll have time to look at it in more depth in another post.

Raw Food

So the food we eat has to be 100% organic, from soil that is as rich as possible, especially in minerals from only natural sources.  But here I have to tell you another basic nutrition truth, and you might not like it at first, but I have to tell you because I have found it to be true.  The body was designed to process only raw foods, nothing cooked.  When we eat cooked foods, the body reacts after each meal like it is fighting a foreign invader (“leukocytosis”).  This does not happen with raw foods.  Even pets like dogs and cats are now eating cooked foods in the form of commercial dog and cat food (even the organic kinds, which are still old, cooked, and devoid of life force), and they are getting human-type degenerative diseases including a lot of cancer.  They should be eating their natural diet, but that would not please the drug companies who supply the vets with medical drugs that are unnecessary when animals have good health.  I have personally been privileged to witness age reversal and elimination of supposedly fatal diseases in pets by changing what they eat back as close as possible to their natural diet.

When we eat a completely raw diet, ideally from a health point of view, the energy that the body needs, should come mostly from fats, not sugars.  When we eat cooked foods, usually a big part of that food is cooked grains, bread, other carbohydrates.  Those foods break down into sugars, and they feed cancer cells very effectively.  When those sugars are not in the system, the cancer cells can starve to death.  The raw vegetables, green leaves, fresh, ripe fruits, nuts, seeds and fresh juices from these things contain the full spectrum of nutrients in forms your body can recognize and use.  If they are organically grown, there are practically no poisons coming in.

But because the nutrient and especially mineral levels in our soils where even organic foods are grown now are very low, I have found that adding fresh raw organic milk and fresh raw organic eggs (I mix them into the milk so they are easy to eat) provides extra nutrition, particularly essential fatty acids of correct omega 3 to 6 ratios, and extra easily assimilable protein, both of which can be challenging to get on a raw vegan diet.    This also makes it easier to maintain muscle mass, body heat, energy and emotional stability, and it does no harm to animals.  I am sure the strict vegans will think I am completely wrong about this.  But they need to look clearly at the successes that have occurred with the ketogenic diet, especially that of Elaine Cantin.  There is a way to mix those results with the benefits of 100% raw foods, avoid harming animals in any way and have great health benefits, and that is where I am going with this.

Most people in the general public are not going to want to give up cooked foods, especially if they feel alright with their current habits.  But if they are especially interested in preventing disease and aging later on, they can choose to gradually take steps toward eliminating the most harmful foods, and adding more fresh organic raw foods to their diets.  David Wolfe talks eloquently about this, and he has lots of great talks you can see on youtube.  So the gradual improvement approach is for the general public, people not suffering from any immediately life-threatening condition, but who want to change toward better habits and lifestyle in a gradual way.  Adding gradually more fresh, organic and raw foods, as well as some of the super foods and tonic herbs that David Wolfe and others like Truth Calkins and Ron Teeguarden talk about can produce great results.  I use superfoods and tonic herbs every day and really like the energy they provide.

But for those with a serious disease to contend with, what I have found is that changing to the best nutrition possible must be done immediately to give the best chance of recovery, it cannot be done by stages the same way as a person who starts out in good health.

Detox First and Continuously During the Cleansing Phase

My observation is that for cancer patients, and for others with serious diseases, detoxification has to be addressed even before nutrition, or the best nutrition will not be enough.  The poisons that have to be eliminated are spread throughout trillions of cells in the body.  No human surgeon can do anything to fix that.  But the body itself can do it.  My experience is that if normal eating is stopped, the body takes all the energy it would normally use for digestion, and uses it for removal of those toxins in every cell.  The buildup of poisons has taken many years, so the removal is a big job, but it starts right away.  The program has to be tailored to every individual.  But usually it involves just drinking water for a short time in the beginning, and then going onto a program of fresh organic vegetable juices, which take almost no energy to digest, but supply nutrients while the body is cleaning itself and flushing out the poisons.  Long fasts on water only can be dangerous or sometimes deadly for people living in a weakened condition in a poisoned environment, and the juices make the cleansing a lot easier.  During this time there is no eating of solid food.  Marcus Rothkranz has described this detoxification phase with beautiful simplicity in his book Heal Yourself 101, which I recommend.   Many other raw food advocates have recommended making use of not a juice fast, but a “juice feast,” along with frequent colon cleansing with enemas to keep the poisons moving out of the body quickly.  Many of the amazing healings that have occurred with this process can be seen and heard on youtube.  It is worth the time to watch them.

Some form of colon cleansing, such as enemas or colonics is indispensible during this process, so that the poisons being eliminated during the initial water phase and then the juice feast don’t cause more harm and discomfort.  It has been found that this also reduces pain and can eliminate the need for toxic pain drugs, which otherwise would interfere with elimination of wastes.  The frequency of colon cleansing such as enemas, depends on the changing condition of the patient.

The juice phase of this protocol can last for varying periods of time, up to several weeks or more, again, depending on the individual patient.  In many cases, the cancer and other negative health conditions will start to recede very quickly after the juice fasting begins.  When the body is free of cancer, very slow re-introduction of raw foods can begin.  Fresh, raw, organic vegan foods and juices compose the new diet that begins to rebuild the body with healthy tissue.  Later in at least some cases, fresh organic raw milk, yogurt and eggs may be needed to supply adequate fats and proteins, instead of the sugars that cancer cells prefer.  I am using these now with excellent results.  Some people are so sensitive to the sugars, that even fresh fruits cannot be used during the cleansing phase.

Possible Additions to Raw Vegan Food (at your discretion of course)

Also, some people do well on raw vegan diets for many years, perhaps permanently, but many go back to cooked foods and meats if they cannot maintain muscle mass, body heat and energy on the raw vegan diet indefinitely.  Instead of returning to cooked foods, in which nutrients and proteins are degraded by heat, they could add the milk, yogurt and eggs and stay 100% raw (with no harm to animals), and in many cases these produce the desired physical effects and emotional stability that makes the cooked food permanently unnecessary.  I have found that the bad reputation of milk among vegans is all based on studies of milk from cows fed non-organic feed, housed in factory conditions and non-sanitary quarters, and then cooked (pasteurized) which destroys its nutritional value, but leaves the contamination, and turns milk into a health-destroying food.

My own experimentation with raw organic milk, from cows raised with love and not abused, fed organic feed (i.e. grass)  in clean conditions is that it is a powerful body and health building food.  It contains enzymes that help it to digest easily and does not have the allergenic qualities that pasteurized milk does.  It took time for me to realize this.

This ultimate maintenance diet is really a version of the “ketogenic diet” that Elaine Cantin has made famous, and with which she has had such great results with type one diabetes and cancer, but the changed version I am talking about uses only raw foods and does not include any meat.  There are major advantages to using milk and eggs instead of meat sources of fat and protein, both from an ethical point of view, as well as nutritionally.  It also allows staying with the 100% raw diet, and eating raw meat has a number of drawbacks, even if you are not concerned with causing pain and death to animals, which to me is a very important priority.

Comparing Approaches to Healing

So the bottom line here is that in my own experience and that of many other explorers of this path, cancer has been cured in many cases by this approach, often disappearing during the cleansing stages.  According to the medical system, we are not supposed to know about this possibility.  We are supposed to have faith in the healing power of radiation, surgery and chemotherapy.  The only problem with this is that radiation has been shown to actually cause cancer, as well as killing our healthy cells.  Surgically cutting off body parts is an incredible stress to the body, and does not address the cause of the condition.  Chemotherapy is the practice of putting very strong poisonous chemicals directly into a main vein of the body, hoping to kill the cancer before killing the patient.  But there is no guarantee this treatment will not kill the patient.  Many doctors who recommend it to patients would never use it for their own family or themselves.

There are a few special cases where surgical removal of a tumor that is in an immediately  life threatening location might be necessary.  But other than that, my own preference would be to help the body heal by supporting it in every way possible to heal itself.  In other words, detoxification and fresh, raw, organic nutrition.

Adding to this the correct ways of using sunlight and grounding, for the healing energies of Earth and Sun, and at the same time redirecting mental and emotional patterns toward love, forgiveness and other positive energies, fill in the missing parts of an overall life transformation, that is the most powerful healing action I  know of that we can take.

Believe in Yourself, Find What Feels Right for You

I would encourage everyone to do their own research and really explore what is possible and what others have successfully done.  Exciting things have been accomplished, and lives have been renewed and healed, even many that were told by doctors they would soon die.  What you find to be true may be different than what I have found, and that’s perfect, as long as what you find and use feels right to you, at the deepest level you can feel.  My message to you is not to just believe me, but rather to believe in yourself and do the work to find what is right for you.  I am not saying that any system can allow us to avoid death from this particular life experience, whenever it is our time to move on.  I am just saying we can learn what makes our time here more harmonious, healthy, happy and productive, and share with each other what we learn.

If anyone has comments on any of these ideas, please let me know, I would enjoy hearing from you.  None of us has the answers for anyone else, we are all just learning and doing our best to find out what is best for our own lives.  I will be on this journey of exploration for the rest of this lifetime and beyond, and I encourage you to pursue it as well.  I wish you all the best in every way on whatever path you follow.  You can reach me with your comments, questions, or suggestions for follow up articles if there are other areas you are interested in hearing about, at the email address below.

Richard Sacks

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Richard Sacks