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Sovereign Intuition and Discernment

Intuition has been described as the wee small voice of our soul, or the whisper of God consciousness. Our conscious awareness of this presence of God consciousness is one proof of our sovereignty. Intuition often alerts us to danger, but… 0 Shares |

Fear, Trauma and the Violation of Our Sovereign Boundaries

Fear is the anticipation of the trauma that follows violation of our personal sovereign boundaries. That fear extends to anticipation of loss of connection with “God” source consciousness and anxieties over the wellbeing of those we love, those with whom… 0 Shares |

The Primacy of the Sovereign Soul

Our primacy as individual sovereigns, our personal boundaries, our rights and our freedoms are predicated upon our existence as conscious beings, souls in natural physical form and not upon the will and whims of any corporate power or government. Religions,… 0 Shares |