Sovereign Intuition and Discernment


Intuition has been described as the wee small voice of our soul, or the whisper of God consciousness. Our conscious awareness of this presence of God consciousness is one proof of our sovereignty. Intuition often alerts us to danger, but it is not to be confused with the voice of fear. Nor does it speak for desire. The intuition is about truth, and reaches us not from a place of believing, but from a deeper place of knowing.
Discernment is a tool of reason and the conscious mind, and is intuition’s willing partner. It recognizes the voice of fear and our willingness to act based on passion. If properly trained, it logically examines evidence, weighing it against one’s knowledge and limited experience. But ultimately, it is intuition’s deep knowing that exceeds our experience and whose counsel we must keep.
We have learned to devalue our intuitions as they have often contradicted what society has told us to believe. To question authority, from the pulpit to the polling place, from the classroom to the boardroom, endangers our viability within the culture. Too often, we have learned a process for discerning truths which is inherent upon trusting that the information presented to us is thorough and factual. But the process that allows others to preselect which information is presented to us is in itself, designed to illicit a predictable outcome or consensus. When uneasy intuitive feelings arise in response to conclusions drawn from a manufactured or faulty premise, too often, we go along with the group and placate our intuitions with antacids and denial.
Honest discernment requires analysis of all relevant information and takes into account the logic and the “feel” of the situation. Defining what is relevant is directed by the situation, its history, the potential ramifications, and often a knowing that comes from a combination of intuition and experience. It is often an instinct or intuition about a situation that alerts our conscious mind to a half-truth or a deception. When the discernment process is manipulated and the intuition is ignored, we become psychologically conflicted prisoners of our own controlled thoughts.
Contrary to the belief that the media would be the watchdog of our sovereignty and our rights as acknowledged by the Constitution, and contrary to providing transparency into a limited government, it has become in fact, the biting sheep dog of the control culture’s compliance technology, herding us as if we were sheep into our designated thought pens.
What began as trust in the everyday heroism of individuals and independent newspapers to uncover corruption became a misplaced dependence upon investigative journalism to serve as our eyes and ear in places where we could not go. We stopped relying upon our own powers of intuition and discernment. We lazily allowed ourselves to believe whatever information was spoon-fed to us as if it were the truth.
The control culture’s corporatized media no longer masks its biased reporting. Instead, it optimizes bias and prompts us to choose a point of view from which to shape our thoughts, beliefs and consequent behaviors. It inflames passions by narrowly focusing our attention on trigger points that will maximize a response, regardless of the quality of the fact finding or journalism. Often, it completely omits relevant news. It affords inadequate information for the discernment of truth.
Online media can be a gold mine for information gathering, independent thinking, cutting edge science and true investigative journalism. At the same time, it is a data gathering mine field of misinformation, dis-information, fear mongering, and pseudo-journalist provocateurs, just like the main stream media. The responsibility for discernment is on each one of us.
Every mouse click is monitored by NSA and corporate interests. Our searches are narrowed, customized to calculate for our interests based cumulatively upon our previous searches. Suggestions are offered that further narrow our focus and viewpoint. The search engine attempts to intuit on our behalf. We can no longer have access to the wide spectrum of thought and fact without actively seeking to break the pattern of our conditioning. It is our own investigative intuition on which we must rely.
Selling us on a contrived belief then selling information about what we have come to believe has made us a marketable product, a resource to be tapped. And we have been tapped, monitored, cataloged, and controlled into a corner of compliance, voluntary or otherwise. We must stop allowing others to do our thinking for us. We must fine tune our own process of discernment based on logic and truth. We must each listen to the wee small voice of our soul.
But how do you as an individual correct the process of discernment? How do you as a sovereign spirit, hear the voice of your intuition over the drone of chaotic chatter? Begin by examining what you know to be true in your soul. Practice listening to your intuition and its voice will become more clear. Examine what you believe to be true as if it were a construct which you imposed on your reality. Question your thoughts and feelings to search out their sources. Keep only that counsel that is true to your soul’s source. You need not be the repository of the thoughts, the fears, and beliefs of others. Discernment begins with a foundational knowledge of who you are.
Remember that believing is not the same as knowing and knowledge is not the same as the deep wisdom of the soul.
Quiet your thoughts and find a place of calm. Breathe. Feel your connection to your consciousness, to your sovereign connection to the God conscious source of your soul. Feel your connection to the conscience which has surrendered itself too often to the restrictions of circumstantial control. Allow your conscience to fill with the light and wisdom of your deep and eternal soul.
Live in the present, in the presence of sovereign consciousness.
Nothing in the external world is separate from the consciousness of your soul. Nothing exists that is not of the consciousness of “God”. Nothing is more powerful than your connection to the consciousness of “God” and nothing can turn it asunder.
Compliance with the culture of control is the voluntary surrender to the anticipation of pre-supposed trauma which can only take place if we impose those controls on ourselves.
Are we not the ones who “believe” in the authority of usurper forms of government, ‘in unelected bureaucracies? Are we not the bureaucrats and enforcers of policies that were formed by false consensus against our own sovereign interests? Are we not the individuals who wear the uniforms and the badges? Were our contracts, our pledges, and our oaths to uphold that which upheld our own sovereignty not sub-contracted to the betrayal of everything our consciences told us was true? And have we not, as individuals and as groups, stood idly by as corruption has swallowed our power, not out of right, nor might, but by our inability to hear the voice of our own conscious intuitions and discern the truth of our own self-compromise?
There is still time, although it is fleeting, for each of us to discern the truth before us, to listen to the intuitive wisdom that is our inheritance of sovereignty and connection to soul. There is still time, ever fleeting, to act, peacefully, and in good conscience to dismantle to usurper culture of control.

Marie Oliver