Fear, Trauma and the Violation of Our Sovereign Boundaries


Fear is the anticipation of the trauma that follows violation of our personal sovereign boundaries. That fear extends to anticipation of loss of connection with “God” source consciousness and anxieties over the wellbeing of those we love, those with whom we share life, and with all that supports our existence.
Within each sovereign soul, a deep memory of the trauma resides which created the first fear. Our mythology of separation reflects a traumatic decision or event that created the perception of self as having been cast out from the timeless presence of the one sovereign consciousness which permeates and creates all that exists. The sovereign individual is an extension of the sovereign source. Self-determination is sacrosanct. It is our illusory separation from God source consciousness in this linear, material world that has created the lie, leaving its traumatic, emotional scar.
As old as human memory, fear has looked into the dark night, anticipating the predator and a painful death. Physical survival has depended upon constant vigilance and awareness of the seemingly hostile environment. While many indigenous peoples retained their deep memories of sovereign connectedness to spirit, fear created a false dichotomy between humanity and nature for many others.
To fearful humankind, in only shadowed remembrance of source, nature became both the provider of nurturing sustenance, and the violent threat to survival.
Those whose sovereign consciousness still linked them to source recorded their visions and created ceremonies of intention between the Divine Consciousness and the people. The deep knowledge became esoteric, encoded, veiled but ever present within the subconscious awareness of humanity.
Keepers of esoteric sovereign knowledge, the intercessory shamans evolved into priesthoods, while the battle worn leaders became Kings and Emperors. These dual powers heightened the separation between “God” and humanity, restricting personal knowledge of God consciousness, elevating fear as the instrument of rule to subjugate both spirit and flesh. Religion anointed itself as the voice of God and sanctioned the bloodlines of Kings to rule over humanity and nature by no less than divine right. In this manifest lie, based on fear, the sovereignty of the individual became the property of the ersatz sovereign rulers.
The suffering soul of humanity has risen up in revolution after revolution, believing it has reclaimed its freedom from the powers that have sought to deny the sovereignty of the individual, the family, the community and the nation. Each time, as pawns on a chessboard, humanity was compelled, manipulated, and led by the consequences of fear to be checked in its freedoms and to surrender its Lady Liberty. But liberty is granted. Sovereign freedom is inherent. Power is supported with our compliance. Each time the revolution was lost before it began because the premise on which they founded their cause acknowledged the power which overcame them and settled for a granted prize rather than inherent freedom.
Today, our Presidents have anointed themselves with the powers of Kings. Politicized religion has again become the banner of ruthless aggression. The merchants of death and the merchants of debt are positioned to hold hostage all of the land, the resources and the lives of the people.
Nations are consolidating toward global governance and science prepares for the post-human condition. The threat of violation to our personal sovereignty has never been greater than it is right now.
What say the proponents of this consolidation of power, but that it is the natural progression toward one word in consensus of peace and harmony? There will be no fear of war or hunger. There will be no boundaries to separate one people from another and we will all be as One. There will be no barriers to the redistribution of wealth and resources. No burden will be placed upon our green planet and wildlife will be protected from human habitation and destruction.
Private property will no longer provide the advantage of wealth accumulation. Public private partnerships will alleviate the burden of private ownership. No person will stand alone and apart from the group or have to fear the separation from the wisdom of the collective. Superstition and spiritual consciousness will sensibly acknowledge the primacy of the collective over the myth of divinity. Selfishness and greed grown from individualism will no longer exist. The insecurity which created the desire for personal property and possessions will be overcome. The rights and burdens of sovereignty will fall only to the governing collective who will rule by consensus mandate.
The proponents of globalizing the authority of the nation, the state, community or family, of collectivizing that which is sovereign and personal, profess that if one has no personal boundaries, then one has nothing to fear, no need to anticipate any violation of something which has no need to exist. If one has no boundaries, then the insecurity of the egoic self will heal as it is nurtured as part of the whole. They will imply that the consensus collective is the logical evolution to replace the imagined sovereign consciousness and that it provides proper remedies to the inequities of the human condition. They will imply that the sense of foreboding, the evidence of corruption, and the denial of our rights as sovereign beings are misperceptions of unsophisticated minds. They will insist that we have nothing to fear.
As we begin to experience the transition to this new way of life, our homes will be made unaffordable by rising insurance and regulations. We will lose access to our land. We will get accustomed to constant surveillance in willingness to prove our compliance with countless laws. We will cautiously self-censor our behavior and communications. We will bury in our consciousness, the traumatic violation of our privacy, our primacy and our souls. That is, if we comply.
We are remembering the deep knowledge of the long ago first fear and preparing to heal the scar. Now, fear is the warning that strikes us in the gut when a violation of our sovereign primacy is about to occur. Fear is the remembrance of the consequences of misplaced trust. Fear is the alarm that sounds as the night closes in. And fear is the gatekeeper of courage, as fear must be overcome to know personal wisdom and sovereign freedom. Fear must be replaced with awareness and a resolute calm for freedom will not be denied.
Certainly, it is our conscious connection to all that exists that is sounding the alarm, for it is beyond the boundaries of personal sovereignty unto which this predator comes. It is fear incarnate that energizes the momentum of destruction. It is our own reluctance to defend the primacy of our own sovereignty that empowers the incipient peril. The violation of our personal boundaries, our family ethics, our local jurisdictions are so intense that they bear no resemblance what we know to be right and true. We are being forced again to revolution but this time, the premise cannot be false. We will not give compliance to the lie. We will have no fear. No collective government will supplant the sovereign consciousness. We will stand in peace in the primacy of our sovereign rights.

Marie Oliver