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Patrick Hahn is an Affiliate Professor of Biology at Loyola University Maryland and a free-lance writer. His work has appeared in Biology-Online, Loyola Magazine, Popular Archaeology, the Canada Free Press, and the Baltimore Sun.

Medication madness and the death of Conrad Roy

Earlier this month, Judge Lawrence Moniz of the Bristol Juvenile Court of Massachusetts pronounced the sentence in the case of Commonwealth v. Michelle Carter. The final tally: one young life ended, another in ruins, and two families who will be… 0 Shares |

Shooting the messenger

A disturbing trend has emerged. Not content with using our money to saturate the airwaves with commercial messages touting the benefits of their wares, the drug companies and their allies have taken to smearing anyone who questions the values of… 0 Shares |

Making us all sick

A study published in this month’s New England Journal of Medicine is the latest bid in the medical industry’s ongoing campaign literally to make us all sick. The SPRINT study looked at the benefits of intensive control of blood pressure.… 0 Shares |

The Mountain in Labor and the Statin-Industrial Complex

Almost three thousand years ago, the Greek fabulist Aesop told the story of the mountain in labor. The mountain shook, and rumbled, and emitted ominous-looking clouds of black smoke, and as the local villagers looked on in horror, the earth… 0 Shares |