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Patrick D Hahn is the author of Prescription for Sorrow: Antidepressants, Suicide, and Violence and of Madness and Genetic Determinism: Is Mental Illness in Our Genes? Dr. Hahn is an Affiliate professor of Biology at Loyola University Maryland.

Were the Masks Really Working All Along?

The masks were working all along. So says an article published last month in the Atlantic. This announcement may have come as a surprise to many who had been following the mask controversy. After all, the only randomized controlled trial… 0 Shares |

HOPE Or HYPE: Part 3: Can We Trust Pfizer to Police Itself?

A number of concerns have bene raised about the safety and efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine for the coronavirus, to wit: No data that show the vaccine prevents hospitalizations, ICU cases, or deathsNo data that show the vaccine prevents transmission… 0 Shares |

HOPE OR HYPE: Part 2: How Safe is the Covid Vaccine?

Peter Doshi is an Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Health Services at the University of Maryland, an Associate Editor at the BMJ, and a leading advocate for clinical trial transparency.  In a 26 November editorial in the BMJ, Dr. Doshi noted… 0 Shares |

HOPE OR HYPE: Part 1: How Effective is the Covid Vaccine?

“Help is on the way.” – U.S. Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams             “This is a day we’ve been waiting and praying for.” New York Mayo Bill deBlasio             “This is the light at the end of the tunnel.” New… 0 Shares |

Unmasking the Truth: Part 3: Do Masks Cause Infections?

A 1981 study published in the Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England looked at the effects of masks on post-operative wound infections in a forty-bed surgical ward. All kinds of surgeries were performed there: cholecystectomies, gastrectomies, thyroidectomies,… 0 Shares |

Unmasking the Truth: Part 2: A Fever Pitch of Hysteria

Our rulers’ staggering indifference to the lack of evidence for the efficacy of masks – and their staggering indifference to the potential harms – is matched by their stunning arrogance in flouting the rules they have created for the rest… 0 Shares |

Unmasking the Truth: Part 1: Do Masks Help?

I bring my car to a halt at the checkpoint. An obese young woman wearing a mask recites the obligatory incantation: “Are you currently experiencing or have you experienced any of the following flu-like symptoms not attributable to another condition… 0 Shares |

Medication madness and the death of Conrad Roy

Earlier this month, Judge Lawrence Moniz of the Bristol Juvenile Court of Massachusetts pronounced the sentence in the case of Commonwealth v. Michelle Carter. The final tally: one young life ended, another in ruins, and two families who will be… 0 Shares |

Shooting the messenger

A disturbing trend has emerged. Not content with using our money to saturate the airwaves with commercial messages touting the benefits of their wares, the drug companies and their allies have taken to smearing anyone who questions the values of… 0 Shares |

Making us all sick

A study published in this month’s New England Journal of Medicine is the latest bid in the medical industry’s ongoing campaign literally to make us all sick. The SPRINT study looked at the benefits of intensive control of blood pressure.… 0 Shares |