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Michelle is a mental health therapist who incorporates holistic principles into her full time counseling practice. She is passionate about holistic nutrition, natural healing and food/ medical health freedoms. After immersing herself into alternative medicine, seeking answers to a family health crisis, she discovered that conventional healthcare recommendations often contribute to illness. She has written for Natural News, Vac Truth and other health news sites, beginning in February 2013. All of her articles and recipes to date can be found at her site Holistic Health to Go, http://holistichealthtogo.com/.

Best Ways to Boost Your Immune System

With the Corona virus shutting down many countries in 2020, individuals with health challenges have chosen to limit social contacts and shutter in. Health organizations have focused prevention on social distancing, hand washing and face mask wearing. We have an… 0 Shares |

Ditch Your Sunglasses and Sunscreen

We’ve all heard that the sun is dangerous and we need to protect our skin and eyes from this evil force of nature. Is this the whole story? Is there another view? Like most of us, a good part of… 0 Shares |

My Successful Fight with Eczema Using Natural Approaches

I have struggled with very mild skin issues my entire life. These skin problems have included severe poison ivy outbreaks in the summer time, responding only to 7 days of oral steroid treatment. I also experienced mild cases of eczema… 0 Shares |

16 Immune Boosters for Cold and Flu Season

With cold and flu season approaching, it is important to have in mind safe, natural remedies as well as prevention tips. My family in the past has successfully fought colds and bronchitis with the following favorite natural approaches. They are… 0 Shares |

Delicious Gluten-Free, Paleo Shakshuka

Two summers ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Israel. I fell in love with the local, popular dish shakshuka, which was readily available in almost all restaurants and served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I ended up eating… 0 Shares |

The Trifecta of Fermented Foods, Vital for Health

Fermented foods are essential for gut health. A look at traditional cultures shows that all included a variety of fermented foods in their diet to ensure optimal health. These cultures understood the importance of fermenting their food for both nutrition… 0 Shares |

Simple Fermented Salsa: A Superfood for Health

Fermented vegetables are considered to be one of the three essential fermented foods for optimal health. The other top two fermented foods are the popular drink kombucha and milk kefir. All cultures have historically consumed various fermented foods as part… 0 Shares |

Kefir: The Queen of Fermented Foods

Kefir is by far the most powerful and healing of all fermented foods. Home made kefir made with kefir grains and raw organic pastured milk contain up to 56 types of probiotics. Making your own kefir is quite simple. The… 0 Shares |

Delicious, Healthy and Easy Soaked Nuts

Nuts are a healthy, easy snack and can provide quick protein when energy lags. They also provide good fats, containing 60 to 80% of their calorie content in the form of fat. For those with no digestive issues, raw nuts… 0 Shares |

The Joy and Adventure of Home Brewed Kombucha Tea with a Foolproof Recipe

Our family loves drinking kombucha, a delicious fermented, healthy tea. Kombucha contains vitamins B, C, probiotics, glucuronic acid and amino acids. It is refreshing, energizing, assists with digestion and detoxifies the liver. It can be used as a daily health… 0 Shares |