16 Immune Boosters for Cold and Flu Season


With cold and flu season approaching, it is important to have in mind safe, natural remedies as well as prevention tips. My family in the past has successfully fought colds and bronchitis with the following favorite natural approaches. They are much safer than going to a conventional physician, who will likely recommend a prescription antibiotic which can destroy good gut flora, leading to a litany of other health problems down the road. Antibiotics should be reserved for true health emergencies, not for more common illnesses.

The following 16 health tips can help you to both stay healthy and get well this fall and winter.

  1. Rest. This may be hard to do, but it is important to slow down, rest and sleep as much as possible. Our bodies recover and heal during sleep so the more sleep the better.
  2. Drink fluids. Drinking filtered water, organic kombucha, and hot tea throughout the day is helpful to loosen phlegm and ease the discomfort of colds and infections.
  3. Vitamin D. Increasing vitamin D through supplementation or direct sun when possible is very healing for illness.
  4. Take cod liver oil. Cod liver oil is an excellent source of vitamins D and A, which work together to ensure good health and heal.
  5. Vitamin C. Lots of research supports the healing power of vitamin C. Adding lemon juice to water, eating oranges and taking vitamin C supplement can all aid the body to heal. One can safely take 4-6 1,000 mg of C throughout the day, no more than 1,000 mg per hour.
  6. Frankincense oil. If it is organic, therapeutic grade quality then it is safe to take 2-3 drops in water 2 to 3 times daily.
  7. Other essential oils can aid healing. Immune strength or other oils can be useful diffused or rubbed into the skin.
  8. Cinnamon powder mixed with raw honey is a good immune booster. About ½ to 1 teaspoon each, 3 x daily.
  9. 3 cloves of crushed garlic mixed with honey also boosts the immune system, up to 3x daily.
  10. Using the neti pot with warm water mixed with salt can help clear sinuses and fight an infection. 1/8 teaspoon salt mixed with 1 cup water is the formula suggested.
  11. Oil of oregano capsules can help fight infection. 2 capsules taken twice daily can be effective.
  12. Juicing vegetables can strengthen the immune system. Adding a bit of fat in the way of butter or coconut oil can aid in digestion.
  13. Eating a nutrient dense diet is especially important when fighting illness. Following the principles of the Weston Price Foundation can provide an excellent guide to eating healthy foods.
  14. Eat homemade chicken soup. Chicken soup made with bone broth is truly healing. Learn more details here: Chicken Soup for the Soul, Body and Mind
  15. Eating fermented foods such as kefir, fermented vegetables and drinks such as kombucha boosts the immune system. The gut is the center of one’s immune system, so flooding the gut with good bacteria can only help.
  16. Detoxification always helps the immune system. An easy way to do this is by bathing with either 2 cups of Epsom salt or a combination of 1 cup baking soda and 1 cup Epsom salt. Epsom salt also provides the body with important magnesium.

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Written by Michelle, Holistic Health to Go

Michelle Goldstein
Michelle is a mental health therapist who incorporates holistic principles into her full time counseling practice. She is passionate about holistic nutrition, natural healing and food/ medical health freedoms. After immersing herself into alternative medicine, seeking answers to a family health crisis, she discovered that conventional healthcare recommendations often contribute to illness. She has written for Natural News, Vac Truth and other health news sites, beginning in February 2013. All of her articles and recipes to date can be found at her site Holistic Health to Go, http://holistichealthtogo.com/.