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How to Make Your Coffee Break More Eco-Friendly

People all over the world drink coffee. In many places, it’s considered a large part of the culture, with some taking hours to brew it, and others enjoying several quick cups throughout the day. All that coffee has an effect… 0 Shares |

Why the Caribbean Needs Geothermal Energy

The Caribbean has experienced a delightful trend of late: a prominent push for geothermal energy that would benefit both the environment and general lives of people who live or vacation in the Caribbean. A fairly remote location and limited infrastructure… 0 Shares |

We Need To Be ‘Moving at Lightning Speed’ Toward Clean Energy

Clean energy initiatives are growing in prominence around the world. Stateside, one of the more prominent developments regards a wing of the U.S. Department of Energy called the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, or ARPA-E. It funds projects aimed to shift… 0 Shares |

These Amazing New Solar Cells Are the Future of Energy

Clean, green energy. A noble aspiration touted by scientists, politicians and Americans alike. In the U.S, 76% of Americans want the country to put more emphasis on solar power. While the desire to change over to solar power and other… 0 Shares |

Oil Rigs Aren’t Just Bad for the Environment, They Can Be Bad for Workers Too

Working on an offshore oil rig can be a lucrative and exciting occupation, but it definitely has its downsides as well. Being out in the middle of the ocean for weeks at a time isn’t for everyone, and while oil… 0 Shares |

How Oil Prices Impact Small Businesses

If you drive a car regularly, you can’t help but have noticed the plunging prices at the pump over the last several months. The average cost for a gallon of gasoline dipped below two dollars recently. According to AAA, that’s… 0 Shares |

First Offshore Compressed-Air Energy Storage Project Created

Exciting developments in Toronto could help create a much greener power grid for the greater metro area in the future. Toronto Hydro is partnering with Hydrostor, Inc., to pilot a project that could provide enough energy for 350 area homes… 0 Shares |

Simple Ways to Make Your Job Greener

Time spent at your workplace likely comprises a big chunk of your week, so it makes sense to be as eco-friendly as possible while there. Anyone can help the environment from their workplace with a few simple adjustments. Hopefully, the… 0 Shares |

5 Ways to Use Your AC More Efficiently This Summer

If you’re picturing dollar bills flying out of your wallet every time you turn your air conditioner on, you’re not alone. According to the US government, home cooling accounts for six percent of the energy use in the average household.… 0 Shares |

Healthy Hack Your Food: Tips for Making Unhealthy Options Better

After a crazy week of work and other projects, sometimes junk food is just calling your name. Everywhere you look you see advertisements for cheesy pizza paired with pints of beer or decadent chocolate cake 3 inches deep in frosting.… 0 Shares |