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Connie Rogers is a Certified Integrative Nutritional Holistic Health Coach, Published Author, Certified Skin Health Educator for 40 years, Expert in non-pharmaceutical applications to chronic illnesses for endocrine, metabolic, and skin health. Connie believes health and wellness are established with proper nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness. Connie takes a natural and holistic, common sense approach to rebuilding well-being from the ground up. As she works with each client, together they open a door that empowers them to rewrite their life, one bite size step at a time!

How To Love Your Winter Skin

Winter skin can be stressed skin. We’re colder…so we take hotter showers, we turn up the indoor heat, we stress drive our vehicle through the snow, eat more, lose our motivation for exercise, drink less water and increase alcohol intake. … 0 Shares |

De-Stress Your Life

Is stress keeping you from enjoying your life? It happens to the best of us, a loved one dies, or, a best friend suffers a stroke. Stressful emotions take hold and can negatively affect everyone differently, depending on their mind-set… 0 Shares |

13 Ways to Uncover Cancer Causing Toxins In Your Home

When we uncover what can be toxic to our immune, respiratory, digestive and endocrine systems, we can remove these from our living environment. My thoughts are, the only way to choose health is with proper information and awareness. Find out… 0 Shares |

2017 Resolutions for Beauty that Reduces Your Risk for Cancer

Here are the top 10 Resolutions for 2017. 1- Reduce Foods that cause inflammation and phycological stress. In order to have a healthy body you have to have a healthy brain.(1) Our brain thrives on premium fuel (food) and if… 0 Shares |

Psychotic Effects from Asthma Medications

According to the Department of Respiratory Diseases, asthma is a disorder of the respiratory tract associated with chronic inflammation. Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases, with an estimated 300 million cases worldwide. (1) “In the United States… 0 Shares |

5 Reasons You Need Rose Essential Oil

Rose Essential Oil encourages the body to maintain high energy, frequency and balance! Our physical body is made up of some 50 trillion cells which can be subdivided into molecules and subdivided again down to atoms, made up of protons… 0 Shares |

Debunking Myths Surrounding Olive Oils

I was recently introduced to the myths surrounding olive oils and a website that has people turning their heads away from cooking with this healthy oil.(1)  So, for me it was important to debunk the misinformation that surround these important… 0 Shares |

The Central Nervous System Responds to Toxins

  Research has proven disrupting chemicals that target our central nervous system can upset the communication between our endocrine and metabolic systems and organs including our skin and microbiome. Why is microbiome important? “Gut bacteria produce hundreds of neurochemicals that… 0 Shares |

Prevent Age Stealers… Use these ’12 Keys’ to increase quality of life and get your glow back

Aging doesn’t wait until we are 50 years old. It starts when we misuse our body. Here are 12 keys to increase quality of life and prevent Age Stealers.   1- Age Stealers can target the lymph system. Organs with… 0 Shares |

9 Steps to Finally Heal from Insulin Resistance

  “The CDC reports that as many as 80 million Americans were insulin-resistant, and most don’t pay attention to insulin resistance being a precursor to diabetes.”(1) Insulin resistance can affect all organs in the body including the skin. Making simple… 0 Shares |