Prevent Age Stealers… Use these ’12 Keys’ to increase quality of life and get your glow back


Aging doesn’t wait until we are 50 years old. It starts when we misuse our body. Here are 12 keys to increase quality of life and prevent Age Stealers.


1- Age Stealers can target the lymph system. Organs with an outside arm of the lymphatic system include the skin, gut, and lungs.(1) Lymph formed in the liver is a major contributor to total lymph flow with as much as 50% of total lymph being from hepatic origin.(2) The lymphatic system helps rid the body of  toxins and waste. It helps to ditch the alcohol and smoking habit that can impair your lymph, liver, and skin health. PLUS, exercise such as jumping on the trampoline is excellent for cleaning all three.


2- Premature aging can begin in children suffering from obesity. In fact, obesity can not only be linked to poor learning skills and Alzheimer’s it can damage DNA. It may be time to seek out a certified health coach. Getting to the bottom of obesity and poor skin health requires that the conversation move  towards other factors that add to the obesity epidemic such as: depression, medications, pesticides, endocrine disruptors, and more. According to a German Study, there is a relationship between obesity, psychological factors and effective interventions.(3)


3-  Petroleum byproducts can be found in moisturizers, sunscreens and shampoos. Reduce and prevent premature aging with organic skin care products.


4- Inflammation is caused by consuming foods that are foreign to humans. Advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) are found to be linked to premature aging.  Various foods will cause various degrees of inflammation, and the most inflammatory producing foods are those that are grown using chemicals, pesticides and hormones, those that are injected with antibiotics, laced with sugars, and coated or stored to increase shelf -life. Inflammation in the skin and body can be reduced by going sugar-free, gluten-free, processed-free and eating more raw foods.


5- Increase emotional intelligence/ make mediation a habit. Meditation can keep you young in mind, body and spirit. When was the last time you turned off the bad news on TV and read a good book? Make time to make simple changes for your own health and the health of your family.



6- Know your farmer. Say “No” to factory farming. For high quality health, we need high quality nutrition. If you consume meat make sure it’s produced in the best possible way, without toxins and hormones. Food plays a role in skin health and in skin cancer. In fact, a high meat intake significantly increases the risk of squamous cell carcinoma.(4)


7- Take care of  your Mitochondria. Mitochondria convert food molecules (like glucose) into a chemical called ATP. There is energy damage causing premature aging when mitochondria is disrupted. Ditch the trans-fats and energy drinks and drink more pure clean water. Your brain and skin thrive on water.


8- Your skin needs sunshine, not a sunburn. Sunshine can rejuvenate, but, using toxic suntan oils and laying out in the sun all day can harm.


9- Get a grip on cravings and balance your adrenals. As the destructive nature of adrenal hormones overrides the body, we lose our connective tissue.(causing us to look older) This can lead to diabetes in the skin. (Altered skin wound healing.)(5)


10- Having a healthy gut means more than simply being free of annoyances like diarrhea or Gerd. It helps to consume fermented foods for healthy microbiome. A healthy microbiome is absolutely central to our immune function and our skin health.


11- No matter how old or young we are, we need our skin to go through the rejuvenating process when sleeping. Design your bedroom for optimal rest and relaxation.


12- Not only is our skin a barometer of what goes on inside your body, our skin hears everything we do. (It absorbs our everyday stressors and tension, while it protects our organs.) The crosstalk between epidermis, dermis as well as brain and endocrine organs are what should spark our interest when caring for our skin.(6) When we break the skins ability to protect us- it breaks down and can make us old before our time. This is premature aging!


There is beauty in everything that ages, but understand we don’t have to be sick as a side-effect of aging.


Connie Rogers is a Certified Integrative Nutritional Holistic Health Coach and Published Author, Certified Cosmetologist & Skin Health Expert, Gluten-Free Practitioner and Reiki Master. You can find her book on Amazon-Path to a Health Mind & Body

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Connie Rogers
Connie Rogers is a Certified Integrative Nutritional Holistic Health Coach, Published Author, Certified Skin Health Educator for 40 years, Expert in non-pharmaceutical applications to chronic illnesses for endocrine, metabolic, and skin health.

Connie believes health and wellness are established with proper nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness. Connie takes a natural and holistic, common sense approach to rebuilding well-being from the ground up. As she works with each client, together they open a door that empowers them to rewrite their life, one bite size step at a time!