2017 Resolutions for Beauty that Reduces Your Risk for Cancer


Here are the top 10 Resolutions for 2017.

1- Reduce Foods that cause inflammation and phycological stress. In order to have a healthy body you have to have a healthy brain.(1) Our brain thrives on premium fuel (food) and if we don’t eat well our brain suffers. The catch 22 is, stress influences food choices.(2)  Foods that cause stress include: trans-fats and sugary processed foods, alcohol and addictions to diet sugars. Chronic psychological stress increases premature aging, disrupt hormones, increases risk for cancer and shortens telomeres.

2- Part of good nutrition practices is about developing good sleeping habits. Creating better sleep habits include: being active during waking hours and adding in exposure to sunshine. What’s important is to reduce blue light toxicity from computers, LED light exposure, and televisions. These exposures can cause an array of issues including insomnia and macular degeneration.(3)  Researchers identified a twofold risk of developing prostate cancer in men with insomnia.(4) Plus, there’s an increase with breast cancer and insomnia, (5) hypertension, and cardiovascular disease.(6) Improved nutrition balances hormones and serotonin levels because about 90% of serotonin is found in our gastrointestinal tract. When we improve relaxation techniques and food choices we are taking an active step to reduce premature aging, insomnia and cancer.

3- The ugly side of beauty products include: toxic sunscreens, makeup, shampoo, skin lotions, nail polish, deodorants, and other personal care products containing chemical ingredients that lack safety data.(7) For one, hair dye has been linked to prostate cancer.(8) and increase risk for kidney cancer. Triphenyl phosphate found in nail polish disrupts the endocrine system and is a reproductive toxic and a neurotoxin. Formaldehyde found in nail polish and other beauty products is a carcinogen that can increase risk for asthma. For improve health purchase non-toxic products or frequent non-toxic salons.

4- The skin is a tapestry of microbiome. Poor microbiome influence premature aging and illnesses. Microbiome Disruption increases risk for  acne, cancer, Alzheimers, diabetes, wrinkles, leaky gut, dehydration, brain fog, depleted collagen production and shorter telomeres. Research says, “blueberry phytochemical’s inhibit cancer growth (9) that can harm DNA and telomeres.” There’s no doubt that eliminating alcohol, sugar and wheat/gluten products and adding in more fiber rich fruits and veggies can improve health and prevent cancer. Additionally, try adding in ginger, garlic and probiotic fermented foods to your diet in order to improve gut microbiome.

5- Obesity is not only a body and mind burden but also poses an increase risk for cancer. Greater intake of processed meats, sugar, processed foods, fried foods, refined grains and endocrine disruptors, such as toxic scents and cleaning products, are associated with obesity and shorter telomeres.  Just like with cancer, obesity doesn’t just show up one day, but is the gradual breakdown from inflammation and toxic exposures. Obesity not only causes inflammation but increases oxidative stress (a major cause of aging) leaving the body open to free radical damage, and increasing poor gut microbiome. “Dysbiosis of the gut microbiota is associated with the pathogenesis of intestinal disorders and obesity.”(10)

To decrease obesity switch from boxed and canned foods to whole foods from Mother Nature’s Table. Address acid/alkaline balance by increasing foods that are alkalizing such as maca root, fresh lemon juice, wheatgrass, turmeric, ginger root, garlic, green veggies, and berries.

6- Reduce Depression. In my book (below) you will find foods play an active role in how we feel. Depression adds to premature aging and chronic depression is associated with increased cancer risk and shortened survival rates,(11) especially in breast cancer. (12) Hormonal Disruption, pesticides, poor food choices and side-effects from medications can keep us depressed, tired, fat and suicidal. Depression is associated with oxidative stress.(13) and is also associated with delayed healing in chronic wounds.(14) People have found relief from depression by ditching toxic exposures, drinking more pure clean water, finding healthy ways to work through stress and eating clean.

7- Improve Mitochondria. Mitochondria disruption are the main contributors to Reactive Oxygen Species, (ROS) forming the basis for the mitochondrial free radical theory of aging.”(15) Mitochondria are tiny structures found inside nearly every cell in the body including neurons. If you find yourself low on energy ditch sugar, caffeine, trans-fats, chips, smoking, e-cigarettes, and alcohol that can harm mitochondria and disrupt hormones. Decrease your risk for diabetes,(16) and cancer and start 2017 by creating new habits and behaviors that create harmony within.

8- Decrease PCBs and dioxins. Dr David Perlmutter said, “if you eat fish make sure it’s wild.” “Farmed fish will provide your body with higher levels of inflammation and PCBs. There are cancer-causing chemicals that may exist in farm-raised salmon at a concentration 16 times higher than wild salmon, and the level of dioxin is also higher, by a factor of 11 fold.” Dioxins are also found in pork. Dioxins trigger hormonal disturbances and acne within the skin.

9- Heal from antibiotic resistance. Most Americans suffer from antibiotic resistance. “Antibiotics used in farm animals contributes to a high percentage of todays antibiotic resistance.”(17) Additionally, an abundance of antibiotics are prescribed for gut disorders, such as SIBO. They are found to increase poor microbiome and cause additional inflammation within the body. What you can do today is to become aware of your food source by becoming aware of your farmer.

10- Don’t be afraid of change. Take action steps to change your DNA. You can create the life you’ve always wanted by changing your thought patterns. As Bruce Lipton once said: “Changing our DNA has more to do with our mind taking new action steps. We can change our thoughts and beliefs and become more passionate about what we want to achieve in our lifetime. Start now by removing the glue that keeps you stuck in old beliefs and poor habits. It’s about believing in your body’s inherent ability to heal itself. If you need a coach please reach out to me personally.


Connie Rogers is a Certified Integrative Nutritional Holistic Health Coach, Published Author, Certified Cosmetologist and Skin Health Educator, Gluten-Free Practitioner, Reiki Master, Wellness Blogger, Professional Researcher and Expert in non-pharmaceutical applications to chronic illnesses that involves endocrine, metabolic and skin health.

Author of Path to a Healthy Mind & Body






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Connie Rogers
Connie Rogers is a Certified Integrative Nutritional Holistic Health Coach, Published Author, Certified Skin Health Educator for 40 years, Expert in non-pharmaceutical applications to chronic illnesses for endocrine, metabolic, and skin health.

Connie believes health and wellness are established with proper nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness. Connie takes a natural and holistic, common sense approach to rebuilding well-being from the ground up. As she works with each client, together they open a door that empowers them to rewrite their life, one bite size step at a time!