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How To Sweat Less In A Hot Weather

Sweat is the way our bodies cool down. When it is hot, we sweat more as our skin respond to the heat rising and activates the mechanism of active cooling. Partially the way we sweat depends on our genes. Genetics… 0 Shares |

7 Habits Not Connected With Food That Make Us Gain Weight

Let’s say that there is not that much sweet, flour and junk food in your diet; you eat regularly and your food is relatively healthy. However, you still find those unwanted pounds around your waist, hips and other problem areas.… 0 Shares |

10 Ways to Find Time for Physical Activities

Most of people realize how useful physical activity is for our health. However, if you ask your friends or colleagues why they ignore any physical exercises, most of them will probably say that they don’t have time for this. Yes,… 0 Shares |