7 Habits Not Connected With Food That Make Us Gain Weight


Let’s say that there is not that much sweet, flour and junk food in your diet; you eat regularly and your food is relatively healthy. However, you still find those unwanted pounds around your waist, hips and other problem areas. You are not satisfied with the way you look. Why does it happen? Here are seven habits that are not connected with food, but stay on the way of having a great figure.   

Sitting everywhere you can sit

A sedentary lifestyle is called a curse of our century for a reason. Sometimes you can do nothing about it, as some jobs require sitting for eight hours per day.

It is much worse if you do that after your work as well. You sit at work, and then you come home and sit or lie at your laptop watching movies or reading blogs.

The excessive amount of sitting or lying increases the risk of having cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer and obesity. Of course, if you don’t overeat, you won’t suffer from obesity. However, you can still earn some extra weight.

Try not to spend your free time passively. Instead of sitting in front of your laptop, clean up your home; instead of sitting at a café, go for a walk, instead of another TV-show, go to a gym.

At work you are also not tied to a chair. Every hour you can stand up, stretch a bit or walk around your office. Use any opportunity to move; go to a next department to talk to your colleague instead of calling or writing.

Not getting enough sleep

It has been proved that the lack of sleep directly influences your weight. The reason is in the hormonal changes and the behavior caused by the chronic lack of sleep.

If you are used to go to bed at 3am, it is possible that at the middle of the night you want to grab a bite. Besides that, during a day you probably need to stimulate yourself with coffee and desserts that also lead to extra weight. Moreover, feeling down and sleepy as any person who doesn’t get enough sleep, you can hardly make yourself work out.

Start to develop useful sleeping habits. It is understandable that if you are used to fall asleep at 3am, you won’t be able to sleep at 10pm. However, you can shift your sleeping hours with time.

Stooping, even if it only creates the illusion of overweight

If we are talking about 4-6 pounds that worry you, a stooping back plays a big role here. With a stooping back, your belly sticks out while the right bearing can make the big difference. So try to straighten your back and look at yourself in a mirror.

Driving and using elevator instead of walking and taking stairs

You live on the fourth or fifth floor and always use the elevator not even knowing where the stairs are. Your office is located on the third floor and you still prefer elevator.

The closest store is only a few blocks away from you, but you always drive in your car there, even if you don’t need to buy a lot of things and carry big packages.

Avoiding such small everyday physical activities, you don’t give yourself a chance to lose some calories.

Taking certain medicine

Some diseases can cause putting on weight, especially if you have to keep to bed. However, some medicine can be the reason of gaining weight. For example, some antidepressants, neuroleptic drugs, beta blockers and other medicine can add you some pounds.

You doctor has to warn you about the possible consequences. If he or she doesn’t and you think that your weight is caused by your medicine, better make an appointment and get consulted on that.

Changing into pajamas the moment you come home

Cosy pajamas put you in a relaxing mood: you are home now and you can lay down with your laptop, eating delicious snacks, drinking a bit and relaxing. There is nothing bad in that if you do that once a month or at least two weeks. If you do that every day, you shouldn’t be surprised about your weight.

Putting off sports

There are millions of excuses you can think of when it comes to working out. Usually it is very difficult to make yourself exercise regularly. Why don’t you start with small things? If you start walking for an hour per day and take stairs, it will be much easier for you to progress and to do bigger things.

Remember that your health, self-esteem and the feeling of happiness depend solely on you. Changing your habits is much more possible than you think. Just try!


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