How To Sweat Less In A Hot Weather


Sweat is the way our bodies cool down. When it is hot, we sweat more as our skin respond to the heat rising and activates the mechanism of active cooling. Partially the way we sweat depends on our genes. Genetics is not a sentence, though, and people can develop what they got with their genes. The same goes with sweat glands. For example, people, who were engaged in active sports in their childhood, have more developed sweat glands than those who preferred calmer activities. If you are from the second group, there are some ways to reduce excessive sweating and make summertime more pleasant.

Cut down physical activities

When we make big physical efforts to do exercises, we naturally sweat more. The harder we work out, the more sweat there is. So, the right way here can be to slow down a bit and revise your exercising system for the hot weather. You sweat less if you do the same exercises when it is not so hot, right? If so, it may be the case.

Change your menu     

Sometimes the excessive sweating is connected to your eating habits. For example, wine, hot and spicy food, coffee, soda, etc. stimulate superfluous sweat. You can start writing an eating journal and describe your sweating situation after certain products; it’ll help you see some other meals that influence your sweating.

Choose the right deodorant

Another simple way to reduce sweating is to find your perfect deodorant. It is recommended to have one with no scent or with a barely noticeable one, as you can apply it not only on your armpits, but on other sweating areas. It is better to apply it twice a day – before going to sleep and in the morning.

Adjust your body to heat

Another way is to adjust your body to heat. I’ve already mentioned how our bodies react to heat: don’t avoid exercising, just lower the load and visit sauna a couple of times a weak. Sauna can really help your body adapt to the heat. This adapting can take several weeks, but it is definitely worth it.

Change your clothes

And the last, but also very important tip is to choose the right clothes for summer. It shouldn’t be made of synthetic fabrics that wouldn’t let your body breathe. Choose good clothes, even if it will cost you a bit more.

Hopefully, these tips were useful for you. Take good care of your body, especially in summer.

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