10 Ways to Find Time for Physical Activities


Most of people realize how useful physical activity is for our health. However, if you ask your friends or colleagues why they ignore any physical exercises, most of them will probably say that they don’t have time for this.

Yes, we live in a very fast time and many of us do have a tight schedule. Nevertheless, there are thousands of people who work as much as you or even more but it is not an excuse for them to take care of their health. Moreover, if you think about it, you can actually find enough time to run, go to a gym or at least do some exercises at home. Shall we try?

First of all, take it into account that strengthening your health doesn’t require hours of exhausting training. Leave them to professionals whose aim is medals and records. For normal people even 10 minutes of exercising every day can help strengthen their health, giving them additional energy and improving their spirit. Also remember that physical trainings do not necessarily demand going to a gym or buying expensive equipment. The following tips can help you find the time for some sports.

  1. Wake up earlier

Sleeping is very important for your health, mental state and spirit, but why can’t you wake up at least 30 minutes earlier and spare this time for yourself? Morning exercises have many advantages; it can give you energy, vivacity, good appetite and great mood for the whole day. Most importantly, you do this in the beginning of the day, so no tiredness can stand on your way! In the evening, you can just relax after a hard day and do what you like.

  1. Cut the media

Have a small experiment. Try to write down how much time you spend every day on watching TV, playing computer games, chatting on Facebook or elsewhere. These notes will most likely surprise you. I’m not saying you should give up all that and become a monk, but a reasonable cut of those things will give you time to exercise.

  1. Be an active televiewer

Refusing watching TV at all can be an impossible mission. How can we know how our favorite show or serial ends? However, no one ties you to a chair, right? You can do push-ups, squats, some stretching or yoga. Thus, you can benefit from watching your favorite program even more. If you don’t want to get distracted during a show, do some exercises during commercials.

  1. Active movements

Some people spend quite a lot of time getting to work and back home. You can use this time profitably. Try to ride a bike or walk to work. Too hard? Then you can at least alight from your bus one stop earlier and walk the rest of the way.

  1. Make it into a habit

We easily find time to brush our teeth, don’t we? That’s because it became our habit. You don’t look for the time in your schedule to fit your habits, they are just there, they are a part of you. Try to start with something small such as 10-minutes exercising before breakfast, an evening walk before sleeping or push-ups during commercials and make it your every day thing.

  1. Social activity

A person is a social creature who cannot do without communication. How do you usually communicate? You probably watch TV together, have some beer in a bar or talk in a smoking-room. Try to replace those things by going on a picnic with your family, going to a football game with friends or running together. If your friends do not support you in wanting a better and more active live, you should get some new friends.

  1. Combine your everyday activities with exercising

There are some things you have to do that don’t bring joy to you. Try to combine them with physical exercises. Set a timer for 20 minutes and start cleaning your house. Doing regular cleaning in a fast tempo can be great for your health.

  1. Plan

You don’t normally forget that you have an appointment with a doctor, do you? What about an important business meeting? Probably you remember that as well. You should do the same with physical exercises as they are as important as anything else.

  1. Do what you like

I’m sure you barely have problems to find time for your hobbies. If you don’t like doing something, you often forget about it, put it off or cancel. That’s why you should find a type of physical activity that you enjoy doing. Don’t do yoga only because it’s a trend and don’t run only because everyone says how healthy it is. Find a thing that really is fun for you. You won’t only become healthier, but you’ll have a great time doing it.

  1. Say “no”

If all the previous points didn’t help you find the time in your schedule, that’s a bad sign. It means that you have to think about your priorities and goals. Maybe there are some things you need to say “no” to. Maybe you don’t have to babysit your sister’s kids so often. Maybe you can do without that side project at work. Or you don’t need all those responsibilities from the parents’ committee. You have to find some time for yourself once in a while. Love yourself, your body and your health; no one will do it for you.


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