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Dr. Richard J. Rimler, DPM has been practicing podiatry in Hallandale Beach and Hollywood, Florida for 25 years with an emphasis on biomechanics. He has recently changed the way he practices by adding a "holistic" model in conjunction with his prior traditional methods. This new model has been well-received by his patients. He invites everyone to "climb aboard the Wellness Wagon" by being able to "Walk Strong." More information can be found on his website entitled "Wellness Starts With Your Feet.com".

Wellnessman Endorses Hitting the Weight Room

Natural News Blog.7- Wellnessman Endorses Hitting the Weight Room   One of the things that “Wellnessman” notices when he goes to the gym is that there are many people doing “cardio” but not as many people using weights. People don’t… 0 Shares |

“Wellnessman” Says Wellness Is “Cool”

Natural News Blog.6- “Wellnessman” Says Wellness Is “Cool”   Do you know that relaxed look that “Joe Cool” (the alter ego of “Snoopy” from the “Peanuts” cartoon) always has? That’s because he just finished doing his” High Intensity Interval Training”… 0 Shares |

“Wellnessman” Endorses Vitamins and Supplements

  Natural News Blog.5- “Wellnessman” Endorses Vitamins ans Supplements   When it comes to your health. “Wellnessman” prefers to go right to the source of the problem. That is why prescriptions are not the first thing he looks to recommend.… 0 Shares |

Wellnessman Wants You To “Chill-Out”

  “Wellnessman” goes flying all around the world and one thing that stands out to him is that some people are mellower and some are more stressed-out. The ones that are mellow tend to have lower blood pressure and have… 0 Shares |

Wellnessman Wants You To Eat Your Organic Vegetables and Fruit

  When it comes to wellness, one of the things that “Wellnessman” endorses is to eat many vegetables along with lesser amounts of fruit.  The problem with conventional veggies and fruit has to do with the fact that many of… 0 Shares |

Wellnessman Endorses “Sexy-time” for Stress Management

“Wellnessman” knows the  importance of good healthy practices in order to reduce stress.  He likes to do a few “deep breathing exercises” at the first sign of trouble. He recommends that you start by taking a deep breath (in which… 0 Shares |

Wellnessman Endorses “High Intensity Interval Training” With Orthotics

Natural News Blog.2- Wellnessman Endorses “High Intensity Interval Training” With Orthotics     Today, “Wellnessman” is here to tell you what he believes is the most important thing you can do for your health: “High Intensity Interval Training” or “HIIT”… 0 Shares |

Start the New Year Off On the Right Foot By Saying Hello to “Wellnessman”

Let’s face it, everyone would rather be well than be sick.  Yet it is also easier NOT to do the things that being well requires.  For instance, it’s easier to drive through your local fast food place then to go… 0 Shares |