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Dr. Richard J. Rimler, DPM has been practicing podiatry in Hallandale Beach and Hollywood, Florida for 25 years with an emphasis on biomechanics. He has recently changed the way he practices by adding a "holistic" model in conjunction with his prior traditional methods. This new model has been well-received by his patients. He invites everyone to "climb aboard the Wellness Wagon" by being able to "Walk Strong." More information can be found on his website entitled "Wellness Starts With Your Feet.com".

“Wellnessman” Endorses Natural Treatments for Leg Cramps

Natural News Blog.17- “Wellnessman” Endorses Natural Treatments for Leg Cramps   Leg “cramps” are a common occurrence that happens due to a variety of reasons. “Wellnessman” likes to recommend natural holistic treatments for them due to their safety profile. Here… 0 Shares |

“Wellnessman” Endorses Natural Remedies for Health Problems

  One of the tenets that “Wellnessman” stands for is to use natural, non-synthetic remedies to treat health problems. For instance, he will suggest natural anti-inflammatories for musculoskeletal pain, natural antifungals for nail and skin conditions and natural antibiotics for… 0 Shares |

“Wellnessman” Endorses These “Big 5” Vitamins/Supplements

Natural News Blog.15-“Wellnessman” Endorses These “Big 5” Vitamins/Supplements No matter how healthy your diet is, “Wellnessman” believes that there are still some vitamins and supplements that are essential to your overall health and wellness.  Let’s look at his “Big Cinco”(Big… 0 Shares |

“Wellnessman” Endorses Eating “Healthy Fats”

Natural News Blog.14-“Wellnessman” Endorses Eating “Healthy Fats”   “Wellnessman” wants to set the record straight. ‘Low-fat” and “No fat” diets are bad for your health! “Trans fats”, found in processed foods, are indeed very unhealthy. So are the fats found… 0 Shares |

“Wellnessman” Endorses Drinking Mucho Agua

Natural News Blog.13-“Wellnessman” Endorses Drinking Mucho Agua     When it comes to liquids, “Wellnessman” endorses water above all else for good health. Water makes up the majority of your body and your cells need it to function properly. Case… 0 Shares |

Wellnessman” Endorses a Diet Low in “White Flour”

“Wellnessman” notices a disturbing trend in our eating habits: it revolves too much around “white flour”!  Ironically, the “Standard American Diet” has the acronym “SAD” (which rhymes with “BAD”).  The main feature of this diet is “white flour”.  White flour… 0 Shares |

“Wellnessman” Endorses Lean Protein…Preferably “Veggie”

Natural News Blog.11- “Wellnessman” Endorses Lean Protein…Preferably “Veggie”     When “Wellnessman” makes a landing to eat a meal, he knows that he has to make the main feature lean protein.  Without it, he will be hungry hours later and… 0 Shares |

“Wellnessman” Endorses Beans as an Appetizer

Natural News Blog.10- “Wellnessman” Endorses Beans as an Appetizer   When “Wellnessman” goes flying around the world, he notices a striking difference between Europeans and Americans. Europeans overall seem to not having the obesity problem that we have here in… 0 Shares |

“Wellnessman” Endorses Organic “Green” Smoothies

Natural News Blog.9- “Wellnessman” Endorses Organic “Green” Smoothies   One of the best things to do for your health is to load up on as many organic vegetables with a bit of organic fruit as well.  This can be difficult… 0 Shares |

“Wellnessman” Endorses Daily Stretching Exercises

Natural News Blog.8- “Wellnessman” Endorses Daily Stretching Exercises   When” Wellnessman” hits the gym, he notices a few things:  The majority of people are doing “cardio” (aerobic exercise), with fewer people doing resistance weight training and even fewer people doing… 0 Shares |