6 Natural Remedies To Make Every Woman’s Life Easier


Being female has its highs and lows. Fortunately, Mother Nature is here to lend a helping hand. Read on to discover 6 natural remedies that every woman needs to know.

1. Majoram for Menstrual Cramps

Sweet Majoram oil is analgesic and anti-spasmodic, making it a perfect natural pain reliever. It can be applied directly to the lower abdomen using a homemade hot compress. Make a relaxing and numbing hot compress by mixing 3 drops Sweet Majoram oil and 3 drops Clary Sage oil to a bowl of very hot water. Soak a piece of sterile cotton cloth or flannel in the bowl, wring out the excess water and place over the lower abdomen. Once the compress has cooled to body temperature, soak and repeat as many times as desired.

2. Epsom salts for Fluid Retention and Bloating

Bloated feeling? Swollen abdomen? Tender breasts? Could be hormone related fluid retention, another joy of being a woman. Epsom salts are rich in magnesium sulphate which naturally draws out excess fluid and toxins from the body. Mix 2 cups of epsom salts into warm bath water, lie back and de-bloat. For an even more relaxing bath mix in a few drops of Lavender oil as well.

3. Chasteberry for PMS

Chasteberry supplements taken daily 2 weeks before menstruation can relieve PMS by balancing out the hormones progesterone and oestrogen. It is the natural drop in progesterone levels that is responsible for the symptoms of low mood and irritability known as PMS. Chasteberry eases these symptoms by indirectly signalling to the ovaries to increase progesterone production. Supplementing a healthy diet and lifestyle with Vitamin B6, Magnesium, and Evening Primrose oil will also help keep PMS in check.

4. Tea-Tree for Thrush

Fungicide, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, immuno-stimulant….there is not much this little bottle can’t do. If you are one of the many women blighted by reoccurring thrush and have grown disillusioned with costly and short-lived solutions found in the chemist, it may be time to go down the natural route. Tea-tree oil is one of the most powerful essential oils out there and has strong medicinal properties. Being a natural fungicide it is ideal for treating candida overgrowth and vaginal thrush.

Bathing regularly in diluted tea-tree oil can prevent and treat outbreaks of both thrush and cystitis. Simply add 4-8 drops to a warm bath, swish around and relax. Alternatively, coat the top part of a tampon in a solution of purified water and a few drops of tea-tree oil. Once inserted, change the tampon every 24 hours. Pack a powerful punch and really show candida who’s boss by taking a daily garlic supplement, another natural fungicide which kills yeast. Other natural remedies for candida include probiotics and live yoghurt.

5. Chamomile for Cystitis

Most women know about the benefits of drinking plenty of water and unsweetened cranberry juice when cystitis pays a visit. Lesser known are the properties of chamomile when it comes to treating bladder infections. Cut out any caffeinated drinks and alcohol and replace with chamomile tea. Drinking lots of chamomile tea will minimize symptoms until you can get to the doctor, speed up the effectiveness of any prescribed antibiotics and prevent future occurrences. Chamomile oil is diuretic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. Add up to ten drops of Roman Chamomile oil to a bath at the first signs of an infection.

6. Spirulina for Anaemia

Around 12% of women aged 12-49 are iron deficient and 20% of pregnant women in the U.S. are anaemic. (Source: anaemia.org) If you have been feeling tired lately this could be why. Spirulina is a nutrient dense type of algae that is harvested and sold in powder and capsule form. The numerous and wide-ranging benefits of Spirulina make it a great natural supplement for all of us. It is the rich iron content, vitamin B12, chlorophyll and protein that make it a particularly effective for preventing and overcoming anaemia.

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Before adding any natural remedies to your routine it is important to consult a medical professional. For recommended doses and applications always ask in your local health shop before purchasing.

Ilana Leonard
I’m Ilana, a yoga-loving freelance copywriter and natural health enthusiast based in North London.