5 Healthy Metabolism Boosters To Melt Fat Away


Do you want fat to melt off your body? These healthy metabolism boosters will do just that! As an added bonus, they will help eliminate inflammation as well, giving you radiant, youthful skin and a sexy body!

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5 Metabolism Boosters

Leafy Greens

Kale, spinach, and romaine. These are green the giants of metabolism. Not only do they supercharge metabolism but these leafy greens are packed with anti-inflammatory phytonutrients to eliminate inflammation.

Protein Shakes

Your body burns more calories and fat by burning protein than it does with carbohydrates and fats. Including healthy, clean protein sources in your diet is a great way to kick up your metabolism. The best protein supplements for boosting metabolism and fighting inflammation are made from whole foods rather than protein isolates. Avoid protein shakes made with made with isolated whey protein, soy isolates, etc. Instead, look for supplements made with healthier enzymatically processed, sprouted brown rice or organic hemp protein. These whole foods will play much nicer with your body’s metabolism and give you better fat burning results. The Wellness Achiever Store has several that fit the bill.

Chili Peppers

Chili peppers, as well as, other spicy spices are packed with capsaicin. This is the phytochemical that gives peppers their hot, spicy kick! This fiery little substance is also what fires you up when you consume it. It literally raises your body’s temperature which naturally increases your metabolism to burn more calories and more fat. Additionally, it is used in certain medicines to relieve pain and balance inflammation.


This amazing spice actually helps you burn sugar from your diet before that sugar is turned into fat and stored in your belly! There has been much research into this effect of cinnamon. It helps circulating blood sugars to get into your cells where they are used to produce energy. Cinnamon is not only a great natural remedy for those with diabetes but it is also great for preventing fat storage in your body, as well.


These fantastic, delicious nuts have a great balance of healthy fat, protein and fiber. You can boost your metabolism regularly with this healthy snack. About 50 pistachios equals one serving, so load up and melt fat away!

Where To Go From Here

Start maximizing these five metabolism boosters in your diet today and you will begin to fire up your metabolism in a healthy way. There is really so much more to establishing a healthy, fit metabolism. Not only are there more metabolism boosting, anti-inflammatory foods to incorporate into your diet but there are metabolism “busters” that will drain your body and tank your metabolism as well. More on that next time.

As a Wellness Achiever, my desire for you is not only a metabolic quick fix but a long-term solution to maximize your metabolism and produce a healthy, youthful, fit body. As a natural result, you will notice more youthful, radiant skin and a better sex life as well! Who doesn’t want that? Discover how to achieve this as you continue to follow these posts.

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