Why Cardiologists are Dead Wrong About Obamacare


Obamacare was championed by American Heart Association cardiologists last week. You need to understand why this support is bad for your heart health. They applauded the ‘preventive care’ services and the greater access to healthcare offered by Obamacare. However, this greater access to faux preventive care will only lead to more deaths from heart disease and strokes. Time will tell that Obamacare cannot save your heart health!

Cardiologists are on the Wrong Side of Obamacare

Certainly not all cardiologists are aligned with this opinion of Obamacare. However, these cardiologists represented their field at the annual scientific sessions of the American Heart Association last week in Dallas. They have set a goal of reducing deaths from heart disease and strokes by 20 percent by 2020. They noted that greater access to preventive medical care provided by Obamacare will help them reach this goal.

The CDC notes heart disease as the leading cause of death in the U.S. since 1921.(2,3) According the American Heart Association, the costs to treat heart disease are are expected to triple to $818 billion by 2030.(1) This is a huge problem! What will Obamacare do to fix this? Nothing! Here is why.

Obamacare Preventive Care Does Not Prevent Disease

Heart-related preventive care services include blood pressure and cholesterol tests, screening for abdominal aortic aneurysms and screening and counseling for obesity. These services are designed to identify symptoms that can be treated with medication or surgery. These ‘preventive care’ measures that will be enforced by the Obamacare law do not prevent heart disease. They are not not designed to prevent disease but to simply find it early. However, once you find disease early, you already have disease! You have not prevented anything.

Obamacare maintains the status quo of medical preventive care and simply expands access. This will only create a bigger healthcare crisis as millions more patients are placed on deadly drugs to artificially lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Meanwhile, the actual cause of their heart disease goes uncorrected. Worse yet, their heart disease continues to progress.

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Obamacare Preventive Care Only Delays Expensive Emergency Care

This lack of real prevention and disregard for the cause of heart disease simply delays the use of emergency treatments. More patients will be placed on cholesterol drugs which have proven themselves useless at preventing heart disease deaths.(4) In fact, in some classes of patients, lower cholesterol actually increases the rate of death.(5) Either way, emergency care – such as open heart surgery or placement of stents – will increase, as will costs.

Obamacare claims to be able to lower costs of healthcare by increasing prevention. However, with more disease diagnosed, more treatment will be required and costs will continue to skyrocket upwards. As a result of dumping millions more patients into this broken system, millions more will eventually end up on the surgeon’s table.

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What Obamacare Provides for Cardiologists

Dr. Douglas Weaver, from Henry Ford West Bloomfield Medical Center in Michigan and a past president of the American College of Cardiology was quoted in the Reuter’s article saying(1):

“One of the good things is, after full implementation [of Obamacare], there’s potentially 30 million more paying patients. That’s a good thing for hospitals and doctors.”

These so-called ‘preventive care’ measures of Obamacare will most certainly create more paying patients. With heart disease treatments being some of the most expensive healthcare procedures, cardiologists and hospitals stand to profit well from Obamacare. However, this is an overall loss for the health of Americans.

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Real Preventive Care

Is it even possible to actually prevent heart disease? The answer to this question is an emphatic YES! However, prevention will not be found in more medical tests and dangerous drugs. Prevention will only occur by changing lifestyle!

Indeed, daily lifestyle choices have the ability to create disease. They can even reinforce genetic predisposition to diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. However, lifestyle choices also have a dramatic ability to not only reverse disease but to prevent disease before it ever starts. This is real preventive care.

Implementing lifestyle care like smoking cessation, exercising 3.5 hours a week, eating a healthy diet, and maintaining a healthy weight has been shown to dramatically prevent heart attacks and strokes.(6) When you add to this, maintaining a healthy nervous system which controls healing and heart health (7,8), your chances of avoiding the surgeon’s table are even better!

Lifestyle care has proven to be not only safe and extremely effective but it is ridiculously cheap as well. It is inexpensive for the patient, for the healthcare system and for society as well. Whereas, Obamacare will only add more debt and deaths to our collapsing healthcare system.

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