Wellnessman” Endorses a Diet Low in “White Flour”


“Wellnessman” notices a disturbing trend in our eating habits: it revolves too much around “white flour”!  Ironically, the “Standard American Diet” has the acronym “SAD” (which rhymes with “BAD”).  The main feature of this diet is “white flour”.  White flour causes many “bad” things to happen inside our bodies.  The first is that it raises inflammation.  This in turn leads to pain and disease.  It also raises your blood sugar very fast, which leads to insulin resistance and increases your chances for diabetes.  It is also converted into fat once it is broken down by the body. That is what “Wellnessman” calls a “NEGATIVE TRIPLE WHAMMY”!  For this reason “Wellnessman” wants you to try to avoid or limit white flour in your diet.  Try to substitute “gluten-free” bread instead of white bread.  But realize that ALL bread leads to inflammation inside the body so you actually want to limit bread as much as possible.  Try to substitute brown rice for white rice (not “white flour” but a “white” food nonetheless), although keep your portions low due to the high arsenic content of ALL rice.  Other typical “white” foods include cookies, donuts, cake and pasta. Try not to eat processed foods as well.  “Wellnessman” goes into the supermarket and he always looks at all labels before he purchases anything.  He gets saddened when he sees a list of ingredients on a food label that is as long as the book, “War and Peace”!  He does not like to see a list of ingredients that includes chemicals and preservatives knowing that they are not healthy, yet are found in abundance in our food supply.

“Wellnessman” wants everyone to “get back to nature” and to start eating like our ancestors did.  That means eating primarily vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.  Try to eat “plant-based” protein rather than “animal-based”.  This will reduce your chances of heart disease and cancer.  Find a local “Farmers Market” near your house and try to eat foods that don’t have more than 3 ingredients listed on the label.  You can also try to grow your own fruits and vegetables if you have a “green thumb”.  As the old saying goes, “if it comes from a plant, eat it…if it’s made in a (manufacturing) plant, don’t!”

By doing these things you will take the “SAD”, Standard American Diet and instead make “Wellnessman” “GLAD”… Glad that you will be joining him onboard the “Wellness Wagon”.  Walk strong…with orthotics.



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Dr. Richard Rimler, DPM
Dr. Richard J. Rimler, DPM has been practicing podiatry in Hallandale Beach and Hollywood, Florida for 25 years with an emphasis on biomechanics. He has recently changed the way he practices by adding a "holistic" model in conjunction with his prior traditional methods. This new model has been well-received by his patients. He invites everyone to "climb aboard the Wellness Wagon" by being able to "Walk Strong." More information can be found on his website entitled "Wellness Starts With Your Feet.com".