Stressed Out? Tried This Weird Tip Yet?


In today’s modern world it can be incredibly easy to become stressed, anxious and even frantic.

Endless “have-to-do-lists” can make us feel like a manic hamster on a wheel – causing us to stress about the future and agonise about the past. Have you ever wished for an off-switch?

What I’m about to share with you has no Scientific validation, no double blind placebo-controlled studies or laboratory testing – only the evidence of personal experience. But it works, man it works!


Here it is…the method of all methods.

1. What You Do:

The next time you’re feeling stressed out and frantic, simply find a patch of grass, slip off your shoes and socks and walk around on it.

For maximum effect, slide your feet as you walk, smoothing the grass between your toes.


2. What You Will Experience:

What I experience is that I become present. Instead of stressing about the 101 things in the future, I suddenly become very present and grounded in the reality around me. After a few moments of doing this, I’m reminded of what really matters and sometimes, I even become relaxed enough to enjoy the experience.

The best part: my mind stops racing and stress becomes a thing of the past.


3. What if People See Me?

Great – even better! They probably need to be doing this just as much as you do – so embrace wearing a suit and walking barefoot on the company lawn. Besides, how else can the CEO learn the method?


How Does This Work?

I have no idea- but it works! Don’t take my word for it though – try it and see for yourself.



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Christopher is the editor of a Health website with a background working in Corporate Marketing for Global Companies.  

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