How to Reverse Cavities Naturally & Heal Tooth Decay Including Tooth and Gum Formula Recipe


Tooth decay is another message from our bodies that something is out of balance. Tooth health is kept in check with proper nutrition, not dentistry or fluoride. In fact, fluoride doesn’t make teeth stronger and it actually puts our health at risk. In a recent study published in The Lancet Neurology, fluoride was added to a list of toxic environmental chemicals contributing to neurodevelopmental disabilities such as autism and ADHD. Fluoride joined the list along with mercury and arsenic. This casts a new light on those fluoride treatments offered by your dentist, doesn’t it?

According to “American Dental Association”, people suffer from tooth decay in situations when foods which contain carbohydrates (such as, raisins, milk, candy, cakes) frequently remain on teeth unless they floss or brush their teeth right after they have eaten the food. Bacteria living in the mouth thrive on such foods, and leads to the production of acids. As time passes, these dangerous acids destroy the tooth enamel. The consequence is tooth decay.

Healing Cavities

When provided with the right diet, cavities can heal. This healing process is known as remineralization, because it is a process of giving the teeth the minerals that are needed to repair them. The two minerals that are most important for dental health are calcium and phosphorus. To use calcium properly, the human body also needs adequate amounts of vitamin D from sunlight or fish (not the chemical type found in milk), and the body also needs magnesium from vegetables and nuts. In addition, the fat-soluble vitamins are invaluable. Fat-soluble vitamins include A, D, E and K. These vitamins can be found in butter, eggs, dairy products, and meats. A healthy diet that heals cavities is the opposite of the low-fat diets that are most often promoted by the media, and the ideal diet is reminiscent of the Atkins Diet.

Foods You Should Eat to Avoid Cavities

Make sure that you incorporate these healthy foods into your daily food:

Coconut oil (organic)
Dairy product e.g. butter (grass-fed)
Meats (grass-fed)
Cooked vegetables (organic)
Cod liver oil (fermented) – This is a great source of vitamins such as A, D, and K that are mainly required for oral health
Magnesium – This is required to absorb phosphorus and calcium effectively.

How to Reverse Cavities Naturally

Reduce Phytic Acid:

Phytic acids are anti-nutrients found in grains, nuts, seeds and legumes (and some vegetables.) They interfere with our bodies’ abilities to absorb essential nutrients as well as pull essential minerals (like calcium, iron, zinc, and copper) from our bodies. They also inhibit enzymes that are necessary for digestion. People who consume large amounts of phytic acid have higher rates of tooth decay, mineral deficiencies and osteoporosis.

Removing Sugar

Probably the worst culprit of them all for anyone who desires healthy, cavity-free teeth, sugar should be avoided like the plague. Not only does sugar feed oral bacteria that prevents a healthy flow of dental fluids, it is highly acidic and can literally decalcify or demineralize the structural content of teeth that create dental decay.

Remineralization Toothpaste:

Commercial toothpastes (even the “natural” ones) are often loaded with iunhealthy ingredients that do no promote healthy teeth. Do you see fluoride, sodium laurels sulfate, glycerin, propylene glycol, artificial colors or sweeteners (like xylitol) in your child’s toothpaste? No bueno!

Tooth and Gum Formula Recipe

(Use Organic ingredients where ever possible).

10 oz Echinacea Tincture
1/4 cup of Tea Tree Oil
4 oz. Bayberry Tincture
2 oz. Oak Gall (or 3X Oak Bark) Tincture
2 TBS. Cayenne Tincture
2 1/2 Dropperfuls of Peppermint Oil
2 1/2 Dropperfuls of Clove Oil
A ‘part’ is a measurement by volume. Blend all ingredients together and make into a tincture using a 50 – 50 Blend of Alcohol and distilled water. For more, see How to Make a Tincture.


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