Is Oversleeping Really a Bad Thing?


When it comes to sleeping, everyone has an opinion on how much is too much and how little is too little. While experts seem to say that at least eight hours of sleep a night is ideal for an adult to function properly, they don’t talk about oversleeping too much. It seems that more people have issues falling asleep than they do with too much sleep and the idea of resting for an extended period of time seems like a great idea. But, what if sleeping too much is not a good thing? The following discusses more about the role that sleep plays in an individual’s life and the drawbacks and benefits of getting a little more of it than normal.

Feeling More Tired

One of the main issues with sleeping too much is an almost contradictory problem. Those that experience too much sleep actually report feeling more tired the next day than really rested. But why? According to, scientists believe that when too much sleep was had has everything to do with the rhythms of the body. Internal rhythms are set by cells in the hypothalamus. This portion of the brain is in charge of several different feelings and cravings from hunger to thirst to sweat. The circadian pacemaker located in this portion of the brain tells the cells in your body when to rest and when to wake up, usually in line with the sun cycles. If an individual receives too much sleep, the hypothalamus and circadian pacemaker gets confused essentially. You are not in your regular cycle and, therefore, it does not tell your cells to wake up the rest of your body. The result is a sense of feeling tired even after hours of sleep.

Back Pain

Sleep for many people is the cause of many of their struggles with back pain. This is for several different reasons. Lying in the same position all night can really throw the body’s alignment off. If this continues for an extended length of time, however, the body is even more damaged and discomforted. The result is a feeling of stiffness or soreness that is usually manifested in the back region of the body. If you have a stiff back that is exacerbated by a poorly made or supported mattress, you are likely to see pain the next day. If you continue to oversleep to the point of discomfort, it can lead to permanent back damage.


When an individual is sleeping too much, it can be the sign of a greater problem that is more neurological than physical. According to medical experts at CNN, hypersomnia sufferers find themselves sleeping hours upon hours at a time without understanding why or what is going on. They do not feel refreshed at the end of the day but feel more tired and struggle with other health issues. This can result in different disorders that are more than just problematic. They can actually be extremely detrimental to the health and productivity of an individual in all walks of their life. Hypersomnia often leads to bouts of depression, anxiety and can cause severe panic attacks. Therefore, if you are sleeping too much, you need to be aware that it could be a sign that something more troubling is happening.

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