Noni Juice- Boosts Immune System, Fights Parasites, Helps Diabetics & Even Combats Cancer


Noni is a tropical plant native to Polynesia. It is derived from the fruit of the Morinda citrifolia tree indigenous to Southeast Asia. For thousands of years, Polynesians have praised Noni juice for its healing properties. It has ability to boost the immune system, promote healthy skin, heal wounds, jumpstart your energy, and make you all over stronger. Noni juice is a high-antioxidant beverage that’s been shown to boost the immune system, fight parasites and even combat cancer.

Noni Fruit Nutrition Value

Noni fruit is known to contain many beneficial ingredients including vitamin A, vitamin C, Niacin, iron, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and a significant amount of potassium. It also contains a number of phyto-nutrients and phytochemicals such as alkaloids, lignans, flavonoids.

Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Noni Juice

Boost immune system

Noni activates macrophages and strengthens the immune system, which then produces more lymphocytes. It also contains antibacterial agents that fight infectious bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.

Fight Parasitic Disease

Noni juice just may help prevent parasitic disease. Noni has a rich chemical composition the has been shown to fight the parasites with the phenolic and aromatic compounds it contains, making it a possible treatment against leishmaniasis.

Combat Cancer

The anti-cancer qualities of noni juice have been traditionally trusted and advocated by the modern science. Many study suggested the chemo-preventive properties of noni juice in the prevention of various cancers such as lung cancer, liver cancer and renal cancer owing to the abundance of healing antioxidants.

Prevent Stroke

Consumption of noni juice may protect you against the damage caused by stroke due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also contains nitric acid which helps make the veins more elastic and thus help in better circulation. A better blood circulation can alleviate the after-effects of stroke.

Liver protection

Noni fruit is also known for its effectiveness in protecting against the liver diseases. As supported by research study, noni juice exercises hepato-protective effects on the liver which assists in protecting the organ from exposures to chronic exogenous chemicals and defends against major illnesses like liver damage.

Help Diabetics

It has proved that noni juice, when used with insulin treatments is more effective in controlling blood sugar than one of these components alone. This is because it contains compounds like triterpenes and saponins. These properties make it beneficial for diabetic patients.

Alleviates Pain

Noni contains a phytonutrient that is a precursor to xeronine, which helps in the absorption of endorphins that are effective in relieving pain.


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