Neck Pain Relief with Cervical Traction and Stretching


Cervical Traction for Neck Pain
It always comes as a surprise when our neck suddenly becomes stiff or sore and it is simply because we don’t realize that we are putting repeat stress on the muscles in our neck. Typically when neck pain strikes it will take about a day or two to get neck pain relief if you tend to it right away. There is no need to stress over how to get rid of the pain in your neck, simply put some of these tips into practice to relax and stretch sore neck muscles and get yourself back to your normal activities again.



Take Time to Recover

Just taking time to relax is important but it is even more important to simply know the proper way to fully relax a sore neck. Posture is everything when you are trying to prevent and recover from neck strain. Give your neck the support it needs by rolling up a small towel and putting it under your neck as you are lying down. You can slip one of these in your pillowcase to help keep it in place. You will instantly notice a difference when the natural curve of your neck is supported and now you can focus on relaxing all the muscles in your neck.

Every new injury is going to have some inflammation so use a cold compress for ten to fifteen minutes to calm down the swelling in your neck. A few hours later apply soothing heat to the neck as you rest with your neck support. Let the heat seep in for about thirty minutes. Heat encourages healing and calming of the nerves and muscles that are in distress.

Cervical Traction

Stretching your neck out is important for tight muscles and it releases a lot of stress when done right. Typical stretches for the neck target surface muscles in your neck but won’t stretch deep cervical spinal muscles or the spine itself. To counteract spinal compression within the neck there are cervical traction units that elongate your neck gently to give a very deep stretch through the cervical spine. People who use it find it very relieving after a long day of stress to the neck and it can easily take pressure off your neck.

If you know the simple structures of the spine within the neck you will appreciate the stretch even more that can be achieved with a cervical traction device. It works to increase fluid, nutrient, and oxygen exchange for your intervertebral discs by taking pressure off the structures. These discs are important shock absorbers that need hydration to do their job. For that reason, if you have been diagnosed with a bulging disc in your neck, cervical traction works to retract that bulge back in. It is one of the best ways to reverse spinal degeneration, a condition that happens over time with natural wear and tear associated with poor posture habits, bad body mechanics, and a sedentary lifestyle. This is why it is important to continue to be active physically, take time to stretch, and learn to hold proper posture.

Stretches for Neck Pain Relief

To target sore, tight muscles in the neck, gently stretch each section out each day to improve your range of motion and release tension. With every stretch take your time to hold it for about thirty seconds and repeat it three times on each side. Never just focus on one side to get neck pain relief because this can put you out of alignment, what you do to one side you should do to the other.

The first stretch you can learn will stretch the sides of your neck. Sitting at your desk you can simply reach to the side and behind you with one hand to grasp the seat then place the other hand on your head to start pulling your head to one side. The stretch should be felt in your neck through your shoulder.

Side Stretch for Neck Pain ReliefAfter stretching both sides of our neck three times you can transition to stretching the back of your neck. Simply bringing your chin down to your chest and placing your hands behind your head you will put gentle pressure on your head to increase the stretch. Make sure you are always sitting up tall and straight. You can also pull you head gently away from your shoulders as well as down.

Stretch the Back of Your NeckTo complete your round about the neck stretching routine, we will finish up by opening up the chest and stretching the front of your neck all through your chest. This is a great way to counteract the effects of slouching over in our chair all the time. Kneeling on the floor, sit on your heals and bring your legs together. You are going to be leaning backwards, so to support yourself, put your hands behind you with your fingers pointing out. Now just bring your head back and arch yourself backwards. Try to go as far back as you can and hold for twenty to thirty seconds.

Chest OpenerThe majority of neck injuries are a result of poor posture. Learn to be more active even if its just to walk for fifteen minutes every day. This will keep your spinal structures moving and encouraging circulation to help keep you discs and joints hydrated. If you find yourself frustrated with relentless neck pain, consider cervical traction and ask your doctor if it is a safe option for your condition as it is helpful for giving neck pain relief to people suffering with arthritis, muscle stiffness, and bulging discs in the neck.

If you find it hard to maintain good posture while at your desk at work all day then act sooner than later to learn how to do so. Your shoulders should be rolled back, and your ears should be in alignment with the middle of your shoulders. Do gentle push-ups and consider trying a posture brace to strengthen your postural muscles and make it easier for you.

Regina Rain teaches you the importance of taking care of your spine with the key ingredients of good posture together with daily stretching and cervical traction as just some of the natural remedies for neck pain relief. She is passionate about fitness and health and shares this in her blogs.


Regina Rain
Is a self proclaimed blogger driven to share her experience with overcoming debilitating and frustrating back pain and sciatica. She works as a health care professional at her local hospital and seeing sickness and suffering in each patient drives her to promote prevention and natural remedies for better health and well-being.