MCT Oil – triglycerides’ secret potion


MCT Oil – triglycerides’ secret potion

Recently MCT oil has hit the weight loss and fitness industry by storm. MCT oil is a type of fat that comes from triglycerides. The molecules of MCT are much smaller that other long-chain types of fat most people eat, which makes it easier to digest. MCT oil absorbs into the blood stream quickly and provides energy almost immediately. MCT comes from coconut or palm kernel oil, but it can now be bought separately. To obtain MCT oil from coconut or palm kern oil, a process called fractionation takes place. Therefore, it would be a natural supplement.

The popularity of MCT oil is based on claim that it can help with the following (however research is not necessarily backing):

1.       Weight loss

2.       Extra energy particularly for exercise

3.       Problems taking other nutrients

4.       Inflammation

5.       Appetite control

MCT may also hep the body to produce ketones. These are a source of energy for the brain, particularly when the body is lacking carbohydrates. There are claims that it makes the mind sharper. The popular “keto” diet advocates the use of MCT oil. People put it in their coffee, on top of foods, and even cook with it to reap the benefits. Many people put MCT in their coffee, smoothies, or even salad dressings. Eating too much at one time may cause an upset stomach. It is important to also be mindful of total daily fat intake because this can elevate cholesterol levels.

There are other health claims, again needing more research, about the benefits of MCT:

1.       Helps with digestive problems and helps the body get the nutrients it needs.

2.       Helps ease or reduce seizures. It can help some people with epilepsy.

3.       Helps with type 1 diabetes to think better when blood sugar is low and with type 2 diabetes to possibly help lose more weight faster.

4.       Helps reduce symptoms of persons with autism.

MCT is a popular product, fairly new to the scene, so long-term research hasn’t quite validated all claims. One can always consult their doctor before trying it and results may vary person to person. You have to know your body best and response levels. Oil is healthy fat, but anything can be done in excess and suddenly the healthy part takes a back seat.

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