Ketosis Tips For Woman That Want a Figure



The Key to a Healthy Figure is Dietary Fat


What if I told you the secret to burning belly fat isn’t starving yourself. That you can actually eat as much as you want, not count calories and still lose fat. Sounds nearly impossible right, but what if I also told you that you can develop better curves at the same time?

So what do I mean exactly?, I’m saying that you can lose belly fat and develop a better butt and hips at the same time. Almost as if you’re moving fat from the unwanted parts of your body to your butt, hips and thighs.  All that by just making slight adjustments to the way you eat.


Why You Need to Eat More (Healthy) Fats


Every girl is trying their hardest to avoid eating “fatty” foods. All in an attempt to lose fat, look and feel better about themselves. The truth may be a little hard to swallow but a diet that restricts fat intake may actually be hurting you more than helping. Studies have proven time and time again that dietary fat is needed to improve hormone function and production. That restricting fat intake can actually lead to hormone imbalance and further complicate health issues.

TIP: It’s recommended that 20% to 35% of the average person’s daily calorie intake comes from fat. This is because the body needs to make Cholesterol to produce hormones as well as carry out other vital functions.

A majority of vitamins and minerals that we take in through foods or supplements are also fat-soluble. In order for the body to absorb these vitamins and minerals, they need to be accompanied with fat, otherwise they will not uptake into tissue for storage and use, ultimately leading to possible deficiencies.


How Can You Lose Weight With Fats


By keeping the body hormone levels balance, you can lose weight, have more energy and look better. All without starving, feeling hungry or missing a meal. Eating more is actually encouraged and this is what makes this diet more realistic and maintainable. Unlike common fad diets that are unmaintainable and can even lead to health issues. Ketosis has proven to be easy to maintain, improve health and all around well being.

But what a lot of us don’t know is how incredible Ketosis works for women that are trying to develop a healthier and more feminine figure. By boosting hormone production, a girls body does a better job of storing fat where you want it, without adding to unwanted belly fat. Great, your convinced in the miracles of Ketosis and ready to get started, but before you do.

Here are a few tips for Keto newcomers:


1 – Keep Carbohydrates below 50 grams Daily

Ketosis is actually an alternative metabolic state. You body is in ketosis when the glycogen stores are exhausted and your metabolism is forced to use fat as a means of energy instead of carbohydrates/sugar. This takes time, usually 3 days to a week of eating less than 50g a day. At that point, your body should be depleted of all glycogen and start to burn fat for energy.


2 – Up your Plant Based Fats When You Can

A majority of your fats should be plant based, especially in the first few weeks. This will help you maintain a healthy cholesterol balance. I would recommend using coconut butter, eating nuts and having some dairy. Part of making the metabolic switch is letting your body know that fats are readily available as an energy source.


3 – Drink More Water

One of the most noticeable side effects of entering ketosis is darker urine and the presence Ketones. As your body adjusts it will produce more ketones, which will be excreted through the urine. Although this is usually not a problem, it can cause issues if you are not drinking enough water to flush them out. It’s important especially the first few weeks, as your body gets acquainted, ketone production will be regulated.


4 – Replenish

A major mistake most new Ketosis dieters make is not replenishing minerals and electrolytes. Once in ketosis your body doesn’t retain water as it does when you’re in a regular metabolic state. That and with the addition water intake, you will be constantly flushing. You can add a potassium and sodium supplement to your diet or add more salt potassium rich food to your diet.


Avoid the common pit falls most woman make by using these tips. Ketosis produces fast weight loss results. You may even see results within the first full week. Then once your body has fully become adjusted to ketosis, usually 4 to 6 weeks. You will feel more energetic and see a real change. I believe the noticeable results will keep you motivated and feeling great!



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Renne Crespo
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