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Renee Cresspo is a Professional Fitness Trainer with a degree in Nutrition and Sports Medicine. Renne has written articles for numerous publications and currently author of ButtBuildr.com , a site dedicated to helping woman develop a healthy physique through proper diet and exercise.

Coffee Face Scrub, How to Make it and Why You Should Use it

How many times have you made a pot of coffee and tossed the grounds? You have probably never considered the benefits of coffee other than an eye-opener. What if I told you, that you should have been using those grounds… 0 Shares |

Paleo Diet: What makes it a great diet phenomenon?

What is in a Paleo Diet? The Paleo diet, sometimes called the Caveman diet or Paleolithic diet, has been gaining popularity among health buffs and weight loss enthusiasts; most especially among those wishing to gain a fit body without too… 0 Shares |

5 Rules to a Healthier Diet for Woman

Molding a More Feminine Figure Through Food   Self image or self esteem is a major topic with young woman today. Its especially difficult to deal with in todays digital age. From mass media to social media, woman are under… 0 Shares |

Kidney Detox Tea from a Tree Bark?

Give Your Kidneys a Helping Hand Lets face it, we put our kidneys through a lot and most of us never give it any thought. The truth is everything that enters our blood stream has to be filtered through the… 0 Shares |

3 Ways Turmeric Can Make You Sick

What You Don’t Know about Turmeric Can Hurt You   C urcuma longa, or better known as Turmeric has been used for thousands of years as a natural health aid, treatment for a large variety of ailments and as a… 0 Shares |

1 Brain Dead, 5 Hospitalized: Modern Medicine Takes Another Blow

  This will be a rather opinionated piece, but how can anyone stand by without expressing there opinion to such a tragic story. This story is further proof that modern medicine is nothing more than a failed attempt to replicate… 0 Shares |

Ketosis Tips For Woman That Want a Figure

  The Key to a Healthy Figure is Dietary Fat   What if I told you the secret to burning belly fat isn’t starving yourself. That you can actually eat as much as you want, not count calories and still… 0 Shares |