The Ingredients Of Weight Loss Supplements


The Ingredients Of Weight Loss Supplements

Weight loss supplements are so popular right now that looking at it in the internet will produce so many results. There are thousands of these supplements online and it is quite confusing to know which ones should really provide a weight loss. Added to that, it may be good to see which one will work for your body. There are different ingredients that are added in different products and some of them may either cause and adverse event or work at your own advantage. Different mechanisms of these supplements may be effective to one but not to the other. For example, a supplement may not work for people who cannot take appetite suppressants as there are currently ill like diabetes or kidney disease. That is why it is important to take a good review of the product before purchasing.

Reviewing a product entails a lot of effort. One thing that should be on the lookout is the type of ingredients that the weight loss supplements should include. It should always be in-line with the doctor’s approval, and will not cause and health side effects. These are the usual ingredients of these supplements:


Chromium is needed by the body in little quantities since these nutrient is needed for energy production and other body function. This is also present lean body mass so most manufacturers include this mineral to the pills in order to produce more lean body mass. We all know what a increase body mass result to: a decrease in the body fat. Having this ingredient in a supplement is a good choice since it is safe and effective. Just make sure that it is within proper limits. Health experts suggest in taking not more than 400 micrograms in order to get efficient results without any health complications.

Bitter Orange

This is one of the herbal ingredients commonly found in weight loss supplements because it triggers the release of a substance called ephedrine. This substance is known to produce more energy but there are certain dangers that most health experts do not recommend their patients to try. In fact, there is no actual evidence that this herb is effective. However, people still are trying products with bitter orange and found to provide good results.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

This is just one of the recent finding and became popular when Dr. Oz has introduced the effects this extract to weight loss. Green coffee bean extract contains a substance called the chlorogenic acid which is known to mobilize fat. In this way, the dieters do not lose more pounds than usual. There are numerous manufacturers already focusing on containing this ingredient alone.

Garcinia Cambogia

This is another recent finding as Dr. Oz has presented in his television show. This substance is from a plant called Guarana and believed to have been used for a long time for medicinal purposes. Currently, it is used in many weight loss pills as it has the capacity to curb the intake of fats.