Improve Your Health By Packing Your Diet with Nuts


Most types of nuts are true nutritional powerhouses. They’re full of protein, they can keep you feeling satisfied and fueled throughout your day, and they’re rich in nutrients, like Vitamin E.

A lot of nuts also have healthy fats, such as Omega-3s, that are useful for losing or maintaining weight, as well as keeping our brains healthy and performing optimally.

There are other benefits as well. Consider this: the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study showing almonds lower blood sugar levels, and the Journal of Obesity published research indicating people who ate three ounces of almonds a day to supplement a liquid diet experienced an 18% weight and body mass reduction. This was compared to the control group, which followed the same liquid diet, but supplemented with complex carbs.

So how do you maximize the benefits of nuts and squeeze them into your daily routine?

Top Your Salads

Salads are already seen as a healthy thing to include in our diets (unless you’re topping your salad with thousands of calories), but you can boost their health power even more with nuts. Every time you have a salad, top it with nuts.

This will improve the protein levels of your salad, and help you feel more satiated with your meal.

Add Nuts to Toast

Nut butters are a simple, convenient and delicious way to include nuts and healthy fat in your diet. In the morning as you head out the door top a piece of toast with some nut butter, and you’ll have a breakfast that you can take on-the-go that will satisfy your hunger.

Use It to Bread Chicken or Other Meats

If you love dishes like fried chicken or chicken parmesan but are looking for ways to make them healthier and cut the carbs and calories, consider nuts.

Using finely crushed nuts can make a great breading for a variety of chicken and meat dishes, and you’ll amp up your protein intake even more.

Crunch-Up Your Stir Fry

Crunchy nut flavors and textures can be a fabulous addition to a variety of recipes, including stir-fry and even casseroles. Crush nuts to a consistency you enjoy and add them to your recipes to add more richness and complexity to the flavors, a more robust texture, and of course, the health benefits of the nuts.

Create Your Own Pesto

Making pesto is a flavorful idea that you can then be used as an addition to pasta, salads, or even as a topper on your favorite seafood. Traditional pesto recipes often call for pine nuts, but you can also substitute walnuts, pistachios or almonds to whip up a simple and satisfying pesto recipe.

Experiment Your Way to Better Health

Nuts can quickly become a staple in your diet, and there are endless ways to creatively include them in what you eat. Have fun experimenting as you discover the impact nuts can have on your health, and even how you feel about the foods you’re eating. They’re versatile, flavorful and work well with almost anything.

Cindy Anthony