How to survive Valentine’s Day on NO sugar!


I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about chocolate.  Cookies to be specific. “Don’t you eat cookies, cake, or candy?!?!”

Two years ago I was what you would call a “cookie monster.”  My favorites were homemade no bake oatmeal, chocolate chip, peanut butter, OREOS, frozen thin mints, and tagalongs.

When I was forced to cut out sugar due to complications from long term antibiotics I soon learned cookies were my KRYPTONITE. I was smart enough not to buy them at the store, but if someone gave me 3 boxes of girl scout cookies I sure wasn’t gonna just throw them away!!

When I’d go to a friend or family’s house they’d always bring out the cookies…. it’s pretty much like telling a drug addict, “I know you don’t do meth anymore, but it’s right over here if you change your mind!”

It wasn’t easy ditching sugar. I binged on oreos a few times, until I developed rheumatoid arthritis literally overnight and began to realize how terrible I felt eating sugar again. When you start to connect the dots it’s a lot easier to avoid certain foods once you become aware of the symptoms they cause.

Sure cauliflower, onions, green apples, and berries contain small amounts of sugar, but for the most part I live sugar free and symptom free. I’ve learned to survive without juices, candy, ice cream, cake, and my kryptonite cookies. It can be done, it’s just not how I grew up. It takes time and dedication but see if you can eat just one piece of valentine’s day candy or go for dark chocolate instead. If you can’t avoid sugar on valentine’s day try to keep track of how you feel the next day.

I’m not perfect and I don’t recommend trying to be. I indulge when I need to and rely on my closest girlfriends to help me find inspiration when I’ve lost my own. I keep my sanity by occasionally indulging in 90% dark chocolate and Qookies.  At first I didn’t want to tell anyone about my favorite cookies because I was honestly afraid they’d sell out.  But I’m just going to go ahead and tell the world in the hopes that truRoots makes me their spokesperson or sends me some Qookies to share.

These superfood cookies are made from organic quinoa, chia, and hemp seeds. They use brown sugar, which I wish they’d make a stevia version, but still only 3 grams of sugar per Qookie vs. 6.5 grams in 1 double stuf oreo. With the superfood Qookies I can be satisfied and just eat 2.  Do you know anyone who can just eat 2 oreos??

So now that you know of a healthy alternative, let’s talk about the upcoming …..girl scout cookie season.

The girl scouts website states their cookies contain GMO’s or genetically modified ingredients.  They are actually promoting the safety of gmo’s on their website. Honestly, I’m ASHAMED to have ever been a girl scout. I would never want my children to be involved in an organization promoting such garbage to, for, and from children. Animals stomachs explode when fed gmo’s… and my last gmo filled binge had me vomiting blood.

My hope is not to ruin your girl scout cookie season, but to make you stop and think before you have your children sell toxic products from the makers of agent orange.

I hope that you will think about what your kryptonite is and what your life would be like without symptoms or medications. Please leave me a comment what YOUR KRYPTONITE is down below. If you need support finding a healthy alternative I’d be happy to help.


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