HGH Supplements: Are They Worth The Money Or Risk?


What is the benefit of increased HGH production? HGH is a key factor in areas like bone and muscle growth, body composition, the metabolism of fat and sugar, and body fluid levels(1). When you are young your body produces mass amounts of HGH, but as you age your levels begin to decline.

Do HGH supplements really work? This is a question which plagues a vast number of athletes and bodybuilders. First, lets take a look at the benefits. HGH supplements and sprays, when properly formulated, can actually help increase your HGH production, which gives you more energy, more muscle mass, a more youthful appearance, and possibly increase testosterone levels. However, the key words here are “properly formulated”. Your body only produces a certain amount of HGH every day, whether naturally or supplemented and these levels decrease as you age. If you decide to use a HGH spray, make certain that it contains other key ingredients for the reason I will mention momentarily. If you use an HGH  supplement every day which is not properly formulated, it can actually cause your pituitary gland to shut down and stop producing HGH naturally. If this occurs, you will find yourself having to supplement with a supplement to produce any HGH at all. In order for any spray or supplement to work properly though, it must include other ingredients. These other ingredients should stimulate your liver and pituitary gland to continue producing HGH in addition to what you are supplementing with, and from my experience, very few do(3).

Now, lets take a look at the effectiveness. Spray or supplement? This is also another big debate. Again, we fall back to “properly formulated”. HGH sprays are not all the same. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different sprays out there that “claim” to contain IGF-1 and/or IGF-2…..don’t believe everything that you read. You really have to do your research when comes to this area. I wish I had an answer for you but I honestly gave up on these about two years ago. My best advice would be to do your homework on the product before you buy.

Is it safe to take HGH? HGH has been linked to such health conditions as(2):

  • Edema (swelling caused by fluid in your tissue)
  • High cholesterol
  • Acromegaly (growth of bones, organs, etc.)
  • Numbness or a tingling feeling
  • Pain in your joints, nerves, and muscles
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Water retention

Again, you must weigh your benefits and your possible side effects and that is a personal choice. The reason I gave up on HGH supplements is because after trying about 2 dozen different top-rated brands, I can say that the benefits definitely did not outweigh the price tag. I’m not going to say that they don’t work, I’m just saying they didn’t work well enough for me to justify the price tag. I’ve also tried using the HGH complex’s or capsules out there and I generally found what was being promoted as “HGH” was actually not much more than a vitamin B complex with a price spike. With the price tag on the different HGH supplements or sprays, I find it hard to justify shelling out that type of cash when the results are marginal and the side effects can be quite drastic. There are a few HGH supplements that are fairly effective and actually work. If you do decide to use them, I would recommend using them in moderation. Maybe try a three month on, one month off method.


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Ryan Terko
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