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I am a 34 year old male with 12 years of experience in vitamins and health supplements. I believe a healthy lifestyle is essential to feeling great, enjoying life and avoiding chronic and sometimes deadly health issues. I also believe it is important for us to share our knowledge with each other to help educate others on leading health topics. I started my company Vitamins2You.com 2 years ago with customers in mind. My previous experiences with other supplement retailers left me wondering why they didn't value their customers as people. They just pushed products they wanted to sell instead trying help people find answers to real problems. Our #1 priority at Vitamins2You.com is treating customers like people and not profits. We only sell premium quality products that won't do more harm than good. If you have any health questions, feel free to email us and we will do our best to help.

6 Reasons You Need A Trace Minerals Supplement

Before we get into why you need trace minerals, let’s first define what a trace mineral actually is. You may be asking yourself, “Minerals are minerals aren’t they?” Technically that’s true, but some are known as macro minerals like calcium,… 0 Shares |

4 Reasons Spray Vitamins Are Better For You Than Pills

Have you stopped taking vitamins and health supplements because you cannot tolerate swallowing a bunch of pills? If you answered yes, then you may want to pay attention. An increasing number of people have stopped taking or just never tried… 0 Shares |

9 Things You Should Know About Your Omega 3 Supplement

What exactly are omega-3 fatty acids and why do I need them? Omega 3’s belong to a group of fatty acids known as essential fatty acids or EFA’s. EFA’s are called just that because they are required by your body… 0 Shares |

HGH Supplements: Are They Worth The Money Or Risk?

What is the benefit of increased HGH production? HGH is a key factor in areas like bone and muscle growth, body composition, the metabolism of fat and sugar, and body fluid levels(1). When you are young your body produces mass… 0 Shares |