Food Cravings Linked to Your Emotions


Many people often catch themselves eating food without feeling hungry. And a lot of them have experienced the feeling of emptiness in their stomach even though they have eaten enough during the day, and this only happens due to their depression, anger, happiness, anxiety, obsession etc. And they overeat. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware about your emotions in order to avoid overeating and gaining weight. Make a new challenge by trying to overcome your emotions and next time you feel stressed out about things, try to find a solution, instead of throwing yourself into a pack of salty, crispy potato chips.

When you crave for cheese

People who have constant cheese cravings are actually craving for nourishment and care from others. What they really need is a strong person who can take a good care of themselves. They need to feel safe and comfort. The best way to avoid this type of craving is to hang out with your close friends more often, or find an opportunity to connect with other people.

When you crave for sweets

If you feel lack of sweetness in your life, you crave for sweets, from chocolates to pastries, doughnuts, pancakes, waffles etc. If you are too busy and you don’t have enough time and energy to yourself, you think sweets are your comfort food. If you want to avoid gaining weight from constant sweet cravings, try to find at least half an hour a day only for yourself. Yoga, or finding a new hobby is helpful. When you feel up your body with new energy you will be more satisfied and content and the feeling of lack of sweets will disappear. Try to relax more, every time you can.

If you crave for spice

People who need more adventure usually crave for spicy and chilly food. Try to find more adventure in your life. Socialize with friends, be more open to meet new friends, learn how to do things you’ve never done before. Find a new adrenaline boosters. It could be learning how to ski, or going to a concert. Do something fun and relaxing.

If you crave for starch

Wheat cravings are very common. There are a lot of people who are bread-aholic. You feel a constant need of bread, pasta, and potatoes. This is due to the fact that you need more energy. Sleep can help a lot, but consider taking up some sport, too. Sport is an immediate energy booster and makes the starch cravings disappear in a minute.

If you crave for salty crispy foods

Lack of attention, sadness and stress lead to cravings for salty crispy foods. Try to talk to your closed ones, tell them how you feel, and let them help you in finding a solution for your constant feeling of sadness. Going for a walk in a park helps a lot in relieving stress and depression. Furthermore, you can find some way to spend some more time in nature with your loved ones. You’ll be amazed how much good it can do not only for your emotions, but also for your overall physical health.