Fasting: 5 Healthy Reasons You Should Fast One Day Per Week


Fasting, the act of abstaining from eating food, is a miraculous way to change your life for so many reasons than just 5, so I will try to choose my favorites for you.  I have experienced many benefits from my path of fasting once per week  (Note: fast includes 8+ glasses of distilled or purified water).  I urge anyone who thinks they are in the best or worst of health to try it for themselves to see how much better it makes you feel!  We don’t often realize how many toxic poisons our body’s store over the years and how little our bodies get the chance to focus on cleaning those poisons out of our systems.  Here’s how the one day per week fast works with your body: not eating allows your body’s organs to use their limited vitality (energy) to focus on eliminating stored toxins from your body, where normally they have just enough vitality (energy) to process the food that is eaten and the toxins that come with it.

It really gets a lot easier after the first couple fast days.  Seeing that Monday is normally the dreaded first day of the “work week”, I decided to also assign it as my fasting day each week.  And now for the 5  healthy reasons you should fast one day per week:

Healthy Reason #1: Fasting Awakens the Mind and Soul

As you fast each time, you will feel any fog being lifted from your mind and have a great sense of mental clarity!  One day a week is enough to allow your body to focus on the removing the toxins without having to worry about food. “As you purify your body and mind, you seem to come closer to a power higher than yourself! (1). You will truly find “peace of mind” by fasting, be able to mentally distance yourself from chaos and know the correct decisions that need to be made without a doubt.

Healthy Reason #2:  Stay Youthful By Eating Healthfully

You can reverse your biological age by removing toxins from your life.  During a fast, the body will be flushing out toxins through your urine and bowel movements, such as: built up chemicals, mucous, pesticides and pharmaceuticals to name a few.  These toxins are what hinder your mental and physical performance as you get older and cause harm to your body (also known as aging).  A healthier lifestyle with daily exercise, healthy eating habits and weekly fasting to remove toxins will literally give you a youthful glow and younger appearance.  Your skin will look better, you will lose fat, think more clearly and live longer!  If you are someone that needs concrete evidence,  you can take samples from your urine during fast days and store them for a week or so to see all the contaminants your body is removing! (The acid crystals and other toxins will rise to the top of the urine)

Healthy Reason #3: Train Yourself To Eat Only When You Have Genuine Hunger

We gain a true appreciation for food when we abstain from it, as I have found through fasting.  When the 24 hour fast is complete and one chooses to eat, it is in great and humble appreciation for food.  The stomach as well as our minds, are programmed from an early age to eat three meals a day, regardless if we have burned enough calories to justify true hunger or not.  Fasting allows us to build an “in-tune” relationship with the stomach to distinguish true “earned” hunger versus programmed eating or eating out of boredom (grazing).  As we fast more often, the stomach shrinks to its natural size and can fire more accurate messages or “synapses” of hunger to your brain.

Healthy Reason #4: Cleanse Your Joints of Acid Crystals

The previously mentioned toxins and inorganic (non-dissolvable) minerals that are obtained from the liquids we drink and foods we eat are soon dispersed into our bloodstream to be carried throughout the depths of our bodies.  It is important to drink the purest form of water you can drink, distilled water.  Distilled water is the water vapor drops that are captured from condensation above boiling water, the same way rain is condensed from the ocean by the sun before it falls from the sky.  There are no inorganic minerals or chemicals in distilled water, unlike drinking tap water or even some of the charcoal/filtered water systems.  By drinking non-distilled or non-purified water, the body begins to accumulate inert/inorganic /metallic matter, that cannot be used or absorbed by the body.  “Calcium-like spurs attach themselves to the joints and calcified substances replace the synovial fluid, its then that the pains and aches are felt in the moveable joints of the body causing pain” (1).  “The cause of sub-laxation is an accumulation of foreign matters between the bones of the spine, and we know they have their source thru wrong eating, the same as all other symptoms of disease” (2).

Healthy Reason #5: Relieve the Body from Solid Obstructions

“The average chronic sick, especially the well-fed one, is in fact a “living-cesspool” (2).  All diets you can think of are mostly wrong because they tend to focus on food intake values entirely, instead of focusing on the healing, cleaning and eliminating values and their efficiency, before the body even begins healing itself.  You can see the meaning in the the short quote: “less is more”.  Have you realized that when you become ill and visit the doctor, they may blame everything under the sun on causing your illness when it is in fact caused by unhealthy foods and eating habits 99.99% of the time!  What happens after they have examined you?  They prescribe you more toxic drugs to put into your body!  I can assure you that when a doctor is obtaining their Phd. there is not a whole lot of course material on the subject of fasting.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and that I sparked an interest in you to follow my upcoming posts about fasting and other alternative health methods that are a lot easier and less expensive than taking a doctors prescribed drugs or partaking in a fancy diet plan.  In case you want to give it a try, the following is a tip for the day before your fast.  Feel free to follow me to receive future posts and leave your questions and/or comments!

The Day Before the Fast Day

Don’t over-eat the day before your fast day, in fact, do the opposite.  Eat lighter, cleaner foods  (preferably organic) such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, nut butters and sprouted grains.  If you love eating your meat, limit meat intake to the earlier parts of the day, and eat lighter easily digested foods towards dinner time, such as leafy greens, vegetables, fruits and nuts.   Drink plenty of water (preferably distilled or purified) and don’t drink any alcoholic or caffeinated beverages.  The goal is to not eat after the dinner time meal until the following dinner time meal  (a 24 hour period) while drinking plenty of water.




(1) Bragg, Paul C., The Miracle of Fasting., Santa Barbara, CA: Health Science. 1912

(2) Ehret, Arnold., Mucusless Diet Healing System., Yonkers, NY: Ehret Literature Publishing Co. Inc. 1953. 1989.




Jonathan J. Ohana
Jonathan has actively researched and personally tested different facets of Naturopathy for the past 10 years and enjoys sharing his experiences with all who care to lend their interest. Jonathan has a background and Bachelor of Science degree in Communications and a Minor degree in Economics from San Diego State University.