Easy Ways to Cut 200 Calories From Your Diet


If you are on a weight loss mission, dieting is not the answer. You must change your entire lifestyle permanently. Why lose weight only to gain it back in the end? Why go through trials and tribulations if you won’t experience the glory at the end of the tunnel? In order to change your overall lifestyle of eating and exercise, start by taking small steps. If you try to overwhelm yourself all at once, you will undoubtedly fail.

Your First Steps to Weight Loss

  1. Setting goals is the first step
  2. Making a plan to fulfill these is the second step
  • Cut calories from your diet
  • Exercise 3 times per week in any form that is fun and personally satisfying

Both will help to decrease overall calorie consumption. Exercise will not eliminate calories consumption directly, but it will cause you to burn more calories throughout the day. Just one hour of Zumba can easily cause your body to shed up to 800 calories, and you will continue to burn off calories throughout the day.

What Are You Drinking?

Coffee, sweet tea, orange/apple juice, energy drinks, and even a variety of flavored waters have an overload of sugar. Four grams is in one packet of sugar. If you add 5 sugars to your coffee, that’s 20 grams right there, and 45 calories. For you coffee drinkers, use Stevia, which is the healthiest sweetener on the market.

Sweet tea is a southern delicacy, but you can still have your tea and drink it too – with plenty of flavor and no sugar at all. Add some lemon, along with honey or Stevia to the hot tea/water, let it cool, and drink.

What about juice? Oh, the terror. Did you know that just one glass of O.J. or apple juice contains at least 8 pieces of fruit? It’s just not normal to eat 8 to 10 oranges or apples in one sitting. If you haven’t gone along with the healthy juicing fad, it’s about time you did, that is, if you love juice in the morning. Juicers can be pricey but are so worth it.

You can add 1 apple, a piece of watermelon, 1 sweet potato, a piece of a pineapple, and some real ginger for digestive healing and pain relief to your juicer. You get all of your required fruit intake naturally in one glass, along with 1 vegetable – the sweet potato. Now you have already gotten yourself off to a good start with your new healthy lifestyle!

Also, remember to drink more plain water. The human body is made up of mostly water, and the more you drink the more energized you will be. Drinking water all day long will not only help you get rid of toxins, but also helps to flush fat from your body. Trading energy drinks for water saves calories and sugar, but over time you will have even more natural energy. You won’t even need energy drinks anymore!

Healthy Eating Habits

Once again you want to start small with your new eating plan.  Start by using olive oil mayonnaise instead of regular mayo on your sandwiches is a healthy and very tasty choice. Try using flatbread or pita bread instead, as you will cut calorie intake down and decrease carbohydrate consumption as well.

Don’t eat toast, pancakes, and waffles every day for breakfast either. Mix it up and make scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and a side of avocado or some other vegetable. Eating protein in the morning has been scientifically proven to lower blood sugar throughout the day which equals a higher metabolism all day long along with increased energy.

Changing your snacking habits is also a great place to begin when setting goals. Eating dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate is not only healthier but helps to increase serotonin levels in the brain which combats depression and anxiety.

Also eating nuts like cashews, walnuts, and almonds contain plenty of healthy fats and are also filling. Create a snack mix with almonds, cranberries, raisins, and dark chocolate ahead of time – and make enough for the week so that you don’t have to keep making more.

Make sure your dinner plate contains lots of veggies, a fistful of protein, and a small amount or no carbohydrates at all. Your body will thank you.

You Can Do This!

There are plenty of recipes out there for snack mixes, juicing, and other healthy meals that will help you to cut at least 200 calories from your overall healthy eating lifestyle. Conduct your research, set goals, and find a partner, friend, or relative to do this with you.

Compete against each other to see who can cut out the most amount of calories each day. Making it fun will help your mind prepare you for an entire life of good health, natural energy, and a beautiful body.

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