What is Diatomaceous Earth and How is it Used?


What is diatomaceous earth?

Diatomaceous earth comes from the fossilized shells of water-dwelling organisms known as diatoms, a type of algae.

It comes in a soft powder form and the food grade kind is recognized as safe according to the FDA.

Not many people know about the surprising uses and health benefits diatomaceous earth can provide. It contains an extremely high silica content which is an important trace mineral for our health. While silica is abundant, most sources are not in an absorbable form for humans. This is where diatomaceous earth comes in due to it being high in the absorbable kind of silica.

What are its uses?

Diatomaceous earth is negatively charged meaning it attaches itself to things in the body naturally and then removes them, such as chemicals, viruses, bacteria, etc. DE is excellent when it comes to cleansing the digestive system and any problems associated with digestion.

Diatomaceous earth is also commonly used to kill insects and pests naturally. This is true of fleas, bed bugs and other irritating pests.

Due to the high silica content, DE is beneficial for hair growth, wrinkling and aging skin as well as providing excellent immune system support.

DE has a detoxifying effect on the body since it removes foreign matter and inflammation. It does this by removing plaque and keeping arteries and veins supple. Therefore many have reported significant improvements in both blood pressure and cholesterol.


You must ALWAYS use diatomaceous earth that is food grade and from an extremely reputable source. This is the purest form and the only form that can be consumed by humans safely.

According to the FDA, there are no dangerous side effects but as with anything you should always discuss it with your doctor first to make sure it doesn’t interact with any health condition or illness. As with any powder, it is important to avoid inhaling it as this can be harmful to the lungs.

Jay Fields
Jay Fields is an author and aromatherapist who has dedicated himself to discovering and reaping the benefits of living a holistic lifestyle. As a certified consultant, Jay spends much of his time studying and teaching the wealth of information the world of aromatherapy has to offer. In his spare time, Jay enjoys swimming and spending his time with his family.