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Jay Fields is an author and aromatherapist who has dedicated himself to discovering and reaping the benefits of living a holistic lifestyle. As a certified consultant, Jay spends much of his time studying and teaching the wealth of information the world of aromatherapy has to offer. In his spare time, Jay enjoys swimming and spending his time with his family.

What is Diatomaceous Earth and How is it Used?

What is diatomaceous earth? Diatomaceous earth comes from the fossilized shells of water-dwelling organisms known as diatoms, a type of algae. It comes in a soft powder form and the food grade kind is recognized as safe according to the… 0 Shares |

Creating a Non-Toxic Kitchen, Part 3 – All Purpose Cleaner

When you want to clean the counters, the sinks, the toilet or the bath you’ll want an effective all-purpose cleaner that leaves everything clean and shining. And because all-purpose cleaner is exactly that – for all purposes – it is… 0 Shares |

Creating a Non-Toxic Kitchen, Part 2 – Natural Oven Cleaner

Oven cleaner has to be one of the worst cleaning products on the market. Not only must you wear gloves and avoid getting it on you for fear of burning but you must also use it in an extremely ventilated… 0 Shares |

Creating a Non-Toxic Kitchen, Part 1 – Natural Dish Soap

Is your kitchen toxic? Ironically, the kitchen is home to more toxic products than any other area of the house. When you use commercial products to clean your kitchen you’re allowing undesirable toxic chemicals to leach into your utensils, countertops… 0 Shares |

The 6 best reasons to drink pomegranate juice

Pomegranates are not only useful when you want to jazz up a green salad but the red seedy fruit is mostly revered for its medicinal properties. Historically pomegranates were an important food source in the Middle East, famed for its… 0 Shares |

Why washing your hair makes it more greasy

If you suffer from greasy hair you probably can’t resist the urge to wash it, to make it clean, manageable and healthy looking again. The only problem is that this isn’t a long-term solution and is in fact making the… 0 Shares |

4 Ways Almond Oil Can Help Your Hair

If your hair isn’t the way you want it, if it seems to be lacking something or if your hair is just very dry, you might want to consider applying almond oil. You’ve probably tried every shampoo and conditioner to… 0 Shares |

Six reasons why lavender oil is essential

Lavender oil is quite possibly one of the most versatile of essential oils with its numerous uses ideal for everyday healthcare. Read on to discover six ways in which lavender oil can help you on a daily basis and even… 0 Shares |

Coconut Oil Versus Olive Oil

These days people are moving away from traditional oils such as canola, soy and corn due high chances of these oils being GMO and possibly toxic. The majority of people when asked what they use for a healthy alternative will… 0 Shares |

Why you should be saying no to shop-bought bread

It’s easy, it’s flexible, it’s convenient and it tastes good. What could be wrong with buying bread? It’s just flour and water… right? Wrong. Unfortunately shop-bought bread is highly processed and often contains toxic ingredients that your body just shouldn’t… 0 Shares |