Your Daily Purchases: The Most Important GMO Vote


We have taken a short time out to play by their rules by voting for GMO labeling in Colorado and Oregon, now it is time to continue dismantling GMO from all angles. As Dr. Joseph Mercola recently stated, the consciousness of the people has shifted regarding GMO food. Similar to when the population rejected the popular idea of cigarettes being harmless, from the empty promises of big tobacco CEO’s, GMO is dead on arrival moving forward. The ballot ‘losses’ in Oregon and Colorado have only added more logs to the already blazing fire in the minds of local communities. Conscious mothers are redouble efforts in grocery store isles, local farmers are speaking with their plows, and anti-GMO activist groups are seizing ripe social media opportunities inch by inch. Business and products hiding ‘modified foods’ are left powerless in the shadow of the people’s will that is now surging like tsunami waves. We are witnessing history.

The timely role out of Whole Foods Responsibly Grown Ratings is further evidence of this rapid and historical paradigm shift. For corporate board rooms, chief financial officers, and marketing departments, the change is blinding and has caught them with their pants down. Their computer models didn’t account for this type of grassroots ground swell. The money that was thrown at ballot measure 92 and 105 are reminiscent of a deadbeat father trying in vain to buy his children’s affection. We can end GMO food tomorrow, voting and ballots be damned. By increasing the two-pronged attack that is already underway, the precision and speed will be deadly for Monsanto and it’s GMO family of corporations.

Jeffrey Smith, Joseph Mercola, and others have been trumping the fact that we are already winning. The public has increased the momentum of boycotting products that use GMO ingredients by voting with their dollars. In fact, the tipping point has come and gone. Despite the recent ‘losses’ in Oregon and Colorado, companies are individually taking action by labeling their products, absent of laws, in order to save their bottom line and remain on the shelves. In a way, the narrative of having the revolving door GMO company/ U.S. government regulator GMO food is somewhat laughable at this point. The shift is already underway and we are winning despite their ‘help’.

The second and fatal blow to GMO manufacturers will be the decentralization of food. It is being called the open sourcing of food exemplified by the Texas based ‘Food Is Free Project‘. The day individual communities decentralize from big corporate agribusiness, any centralized market share or power immediately vanishes like some harmless ghost in the daytime sun. As long as businesses and products receive money from us to stay relevant and secure their market, they are extremely vulnerable to our will. If they don’t want to comply, that is fine, they can become irrelevant and go away. I personally believe that the recent voting reflected absolutely nothing regarding the hearts and minds of the people towards GMO. Products are already being labeled non-GMO and people are breaking down the doors to get them. The trend has never been clearer. We don’t need to win voting measures because GMO’s have one foot in the grave.

Jefferey Jaxen
A researcher and writer on the front lines of many up and coming alternative health modalities working behind the scenes to bring them to the mainstream. His work has been published by Natural News, Collective-Evolution, Waking Times, Om Times, Natural Blaze, and others. Jefferey's mission in life is to teach & empower others to heal themselves. Aside from being a compelling writer, Jefferey serves as director of Alternative & Holistic Health at The Flower of Life Center. As an active health researcher and creative force he also is part of the steering committee of the Awake & Empowered Expo.