Coming to a Theater Near You: the Anti-GMO Movie “GMO OMG”


Heading to the movies? Skip the mind-numbing blockbusters! Catch the first documentary on GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) to get a major theatrical releaseJeremy Seifert’s GMO OMG.

GMO OMG is a powerful, yet personal and touching documentary about a father’s quest to feed his family healthy, non-GMO foods by exploring the systematic corporate hijacking of our global food supply.

In the movie’s promotional trailer (see below), Seifert tries to order a GMO-free meal from McDonald’s, interviews people on Venice Beach about what GMO means, and tries unsuccessfully to get an interview with Monsanto by walking into their headquarters. (If you’ve seen documentaries by Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock these tactics will seem familiar.)

Seifert initially financed his movie on credit cards, until he received KickStarter funds from natural companies such as Nature’s Path Foods, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, Silk, and Horizon Organic Dairy, and concerned individuals like singer Dave Matthews.

The film premiered last February at the 2013 Berlin International Film Festival and was shown in the US at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. This week it had its Australian premiere at Environmental Film Festival Melbourne. It’s already winning awards.

Hollywood Reporter claims the movie “dumbs down” the debate over genetically modified organisms. But this may be exactly what the public needs. In the movie trailer you’ll see people on the street being asked about GMOs and most don’t have a clue. As one man answers “What the hell is that?”

It’s first theater release is Friday, September 13 in New York City at Cinema Village. (I guess no one there is superstitious!) Check out the upcoming screening and events to see when it will play near you.

Meanwhile, get a taste of the movie from this trailer:

Friends don’t let friends eat GMOs. Help spread the word. Tell your friends about this important movie!


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Deane Alban
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