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Deane Alban is co-founder of BeBrainFit.com and author of "Brain Gold: Brain Fitness Guide for Boomers" and "21 Days to a Brighter Brain." Deane holds a bachelor's degree in biology from University of South Florida, where she also studied journalism. She has taught and written on a wide variety of natural health topics for over 20 years, including teaching healthy cooking classes. As a baby boomer, Deane has turned her passion for healthy living to focus on a major problem people everywhere are facing – issues with mental decline right now and worries about Alzheimer's disease and dementia in the future. Deane brings the science down to earth in an entertaining and engaging way, giving her readers practical, easy-to-follow advice to keep their minds sharp for life. Deane lives near Tucson, Arizona with her husband and business partner, Patrick, a retired chiropractor. She loves living in the desert where plenty of sunshine and outdoor activities help keep her mind young!

Robin Williams and the Growing Epidemic of Depression

Robin Williams’ suicide shocked the world. It seems unfathomable that someone so manically funny, who brought so much laughter into our lives, could be plagued with depression. As his beloved alien character Mork might have said … “Does. Not. Compute.”… 0 Shares |

16 Proven Benefits of Green Tea on Your Mind and Your Health

While Americans are mostly coffee drinkers, worldwide there are three cups of tea drunk for every one of coffee. (1) There are some definite health reasons to consider drinking green tea, which may just be the healthiest drink of all!… 0 Shares |

Is Your Life Out of Control? Your Neurotransmitters May be to Blame

Is there an area of your life where you feel out of control? Are you a shopaholic, chocoholic, caffeine addict, alcoholic or drug addict? Do you get depressed for no apparent reason, feel overwhelmed by life, have trouble sleeping, or… 0 Shares |

Human Brains Are Shrinking – Are We Getting Dumber?

Turn on the TV or read some of the comments on any popular blog post and you can’t help but wonder… are people getting dumber? It’s largely believed that the human brain continues evolving to be bigger and better, but… 0 Shares |

French Supermarket’s Fight Against Food Waste is a Smashing Success

In light of the news that an insane amount of food is wasted every year (over 300 tons), the European Union decided to make 2014 “The Year Against Food Waste“. In response, Intermarche, France’s 3rd largest food chain, has arranged… 0 Shares |

Got Brain Fog? 3 Top Ways to Clear Your Head Naturally

Brain fog. It’s a commonly used phrase that sums up feelings of confusion, forgetfulness, and lack of focus and mental clarity. Basically you feel like you just can’t think, which can be very frustrating and even downright frightening. Everyone feels… 0 Shares |

Genetically Modified “Super Banana” Trials Have Already Begun in the US

In the middle of America’s corn belt, test participants are being paid $900 to be guinea pigs to eat genetically modified bananas from Australia that have been created in hopes of solving Uganda’s (and ultimately the world’s) vitamin A deficiency… 0 Shares |

Manuka Honey Madness: a Tale of Sabotage, Theft, & Food Fraud

The world’s #1 ranked tennis player Novak Djokovic starts each day with it. Actress Scarlett Johansson attributes her beautiful skin to it. Millions of people buy it to ward off disease and illness, including cancer and antibiotic resistant bacteria. What… 0 Shares |

Facebook Admits to Mood Manipulation – Creepy but Legal

Do you suspect that using Facebook makes you feel blue? It might not be your imagination. Facebook admits they intentionally manipulated some of their users’ moods by tweaking what was shown in their news feed. Researchers wanted to see if… 0 Shares |

Advantame: The “Next Generation” Artificial Sweetener

You might think the world doesn’t need a more potent artificial sweetener, but the Ajinomoto Group disagrees. This Japanese company produces most of the world’s MSG and is also the major supplier of aspartame. It acquired its aspartame business from… 0 Shares |