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Bettina Goodwin is a Life Coach and Reiki Master who teaches heart-centered living to the modern urban man. Through her 8 week program she helps men understand the concepts of living in the moment with more meaning and to practice these concepts in their every day lives. You can find more information about her programs for men at www.thewisemansway.com

What kind of man are you raising your son to be?

It’s true that we are becoming more aware. That we are recognizing many current issues that face us as a society today. Date rape and bullying are just two of those issues and there are many more. But how do… 0 Shares |

Men have feelings too!

Men. They hold their cards pretty close to their chest, having learned when they were small boys to hide their emotions. “Suck it up.” “Big boys don’t cry.” “Take it like a man.” “Toughen up.” “Learn to throw a punch.”… 0 Shares |

The Price of Midlife Crisis

You may be in your mid to late 40’s. You have a partner, kids, a successful career, big house and a dog. But the big 5-0 is looming before you and the weight of all the responsibilities on your should… 0 Shares |

Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman are poster boys for heart-centered living

Two men, a couple of motorcycles and thousands of miles of rugged road stretching before them – definitely the ultimate guys’ adventure. Recently, in our house, we decided to re-watch The Long Way Round, a documentary that chronicles the trip… 0 Shares |

3 Simple Steps to Heart Health for Men

Heart disease – no one wants to deal with that but it’s become a huge issue lately. You can find any number of articles, stories and information about how to prevent heart disease, how to maintain good heart health, most… 0 Shares |