Men have feelings too!


Men. They hold their cards pretty close to their chest, having learned when they were small boys to hide their emotions. “Suck it up.” “Big boys don’t cry.” “Take it like a man.” “Toughen up.” “Learn to throw a punch.” Well, you get the idea.

But how many men are out there silently suffering from anxiety, out of control anger, guilt or shame with nowhere to turn for help, fearing how others will judge them?

How many men are finding unhealthy ways to keep the pain of these feelings in check so no one will see the truth of what they’re really thinking and feeling about themselves, as they put on a good front.

How many men are literally dying from the inside out because they are paralyzed by the enormity of their own negative emotions building up inside?

You all probably know one of these men.

If there was ever a time when men could begin to speak up to be more open, to share the vulnerability they feel, it is now. The world is shifting and changing and as it does, the painful feelings become more obvious, intruding and aggressive.

It’s time for the world to show compassion for men so that they can feel comfortable enough to unburden themselves of their emotional baggage and start living authentically and passionately on purpose.

If you are a man who is going through some tough times, find someone you feel safe with who will listen as you speak truthfully about what you’re experiencing.

If you know a man who is struggling, offer him a trusting ear so that he doesn’t feel alone in his pain.

And if you have a son, give him the loving space to be himself whether it’s rough and tumble or meek and timid. Teach him that tears are a good way to release the heaviness of sadness or fear. Show him how to deal with his negative emotions like anger in a healthy way. And teach him to be connected to his own self so he can live a deep and meaningful life.

Tears are good for the soul and men need to shed some too sometimes.

With love and kindness

Bettina Goodwin

The Wise Man’s Way

Bettina Goodwin
Bettina Goodwin is a Life Coach and Reiki Master who teaches heart-centered living to the modern urban man. Through her 8 week program she helps men understand the concepts of living in the moment with more meaning and to practice these concepts in their every day lives. You can find more information about her programs for men at