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A passionate health advocate who has been studying and meditating on the vast amount of information that is accessable to us today on Natual Health soutions to promote radient health and longevity for generation to come!

Practical tips for “health”

I’m going to be honest people hyper-focus on diet as if they had a death grip on it. I can give this analogy to give some context on what I mean, imagine a piece of music, now imagine focusing on… 0 Shares |

New and Improved golden milk!

Golden Milk an ancient elixer invented and used in india, the main herb being an ayurvedic superstar Tumeric and we allready know that herb is spectacular and theirs a host of articles that you can read about that herb and… 0 Shares |

Spirulina and Chlorella Recipe!

Okay, I know im not the only one who has trouble gulping down spirulina and or chlorella powders when I got those in the mail and put them on the kitchen counter I was like,”I made mistake” , those two…… 0 Shares |