New and Improved golden milk!


Golden Milk an ancient elixer invented and used in india, the main herb being an ayurvedic superstar Tumeric and we allready know that herb is spectacular and theirs a host of articles that you can read about that herb and the active components that make it what it is. In this recpie I will be taking other ayurvedic herbs in combination to make this a superb tonic and bringing golden milk to the next level! Now it might not be golden after the end of the recipe but the heart of the recipe is similar and is combined with ayurvedic herbs for more of a stronger more rejuvinating beverage.

Tumeric, or curcumin the star player of this elixer know for it potent antioxident effects on the human body. Colostrum that will take the role of milk being a better suited version of “milk” thats better digested and assimilated in the intestines and used by the yogi’s for longevity due to the loving nature it’s created from. Shilajit translated into english from sanskrit as,” destroyer of weakness” a top herb in ayurvedic medicine that contains humic and fulvic acid that helps your body assimilate nutrients better and is abundant in a whole plathora of minerals. Macuna Pruines is another ayurvedic herb known for the uplifting effects that will get you feeling better which is allways good for digestion by the compound known as l-dopa or a precusor to dopamine that is as we know a feel good hormone. Honey, raw of course is for the sweetness that complements the herbs and has been combined with shilajit to futher improve the effectiveness of the herb according to herbal lore. Tulsi or holy basil which is another top of the line ayurvedic herb that just serves as a base for the herbs if you use it in a tea form and just overall complements the herbs to provide a premiere elixer!

New golden milk

1 tbsp tumeric or a extract of curcumin

1-2 tbsp of colostrum

1tsp shilajit

1tsp macuna pruines (optional)

1tbsp honey

8oz of tulsi tea or anytype of nut milk or raw milk

I hope you enjoy this rejuvinating elixer!

Santiago Escobar
A passionate health advocate who has been studying and meditating on the vast amount of information that is accessable to us today on Natual Health soutions to promote radient health and longevity for generation to come!