Spirulina and Chlorella Recipe!


Okay, I know im not the only one who has trouble gulping down spirulina and or chlorella powders when I got those in the mail and put them on the kitchen counter I was like,”I made mistake” , those two… man let me tell you are “that” type of superfoods that requires something to compelement that wicked taste that comes along with the abundance of nutrients that makes it so good for you, but so nasty in flavor to most I mean I tried putting them both in fruit smoothies that didn’t go well just ruined the taste and integrity of the fruits tried to add spirulina(to me the worst out of the two in flavor) with chocolate it do able but not something I would tant the chocolate with but when a friend let me try his trocotrenols(which I’ll get into in just a bit) I was like wow this is not half bad, but before we get in to the recipie I’d like to touch on the nutritive value of both foods if you don’t mind, if you do just skip down to the bottom.


Spirulina contains: SOD(superoxide dismulate) an extremely valuable antioxident that is up to par with the notorious gluathione ,High concentrations of Beta Carnotene a precursor to viamin A appromixatly around the 11,000-12,000 IU range depending on who you ask Vitamin B12 to mention a bit of controversy on weither or not it’s actualy absorbable but don’t relay on it being your only source, zeaxanthin another carotenoid thats great for eye health , Nucleic Acids(DNA and RNA), a rare form of omega 6 fatty acid known as GLA(Gamma Linolenic Acid) a powerful anti-inflamitory compound thats good for the heart, high in chromium and iron not to mention vitamin K1 and k2. Also ever wondered what gave spirulina that bluish tint well it a compound know as c-phycocyanin a potent Antioxident phytonutrient. Also 60% of it’s weight is protein with all the essential amino acids in a highly digestable form the only problem with this foods is getting considerable amounts in your diet which is do able if you want to wolf down like 50 tablets or more to get the real nutrition you can get from this sacred algae cause lets face it most people are probably only taking like a teaspoon or two in their supersmoothe or a couple tabs here and there, but their is a way to get 2 to 5 tbsp of this awesome food and making it taste really palatable.


Now on to chorella the most chlorophyll rich subsatnce we know of contains CGF(chlorella growth factors) if you don’t know the importance of Growth Factors I highly encourage you to look into the subject matter along with Nucleic Acids(DNA and RNA) , chlorella is know to be an amazing chelator of heavy metals like cadmium, lead, mercury, and aluminum all due to the fact that it is 3% chlorphyll which i already stated but it’s something to emphisize along with that it’s also a very potent blood purifier, Helps support the immune system with it phyonutrient chemistry,like spirulina about 60% protein which is allways good, and by personal expererience I know it can be helpful in eliminating candida if that applies to you just an interesting tidbit. It’s different with chlorella I’m noticing it’s something you want to take ample amounts and most people don’t have a problem they just take some tabs throughout the day with it like they do chlorella but if you bought some a powdered form and are like,”dang how do I take this stuff…could I do a enema with it?” okay maybe not that far but you see what Im getting at the powder is just hard to do, but before we carry on their is something I would like inform you of.


Okay now there are some drawbacks to these superfoods which I realy want to notifey that most people neglect to mention is that the high iron levels of both these foods if taken in excess could be toxic to men and post- menopasual woman so I like to take it with some type of tumeric, either an extract of curcumin or just a liquid form along with astaxathin according to Dr.Mercola (http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/09/01/too-much-iron.aspx) these substances has have been shown to cheliate extra iron out of the body and protect the body from the damage it can do to your liver otherwise you’ll have to donate blood to get rid of the excess of iron running through your bloodstream.

What’s a Trocotrenol?

Trocotrenols or Rice Bran Soulbles are an amazing superfood with a rare form of vitamin E(trocotrenol) it’s totaly stripped of the everything else just leaving the bran of the rice. It highly digestable and contaings all the nutritive value of the rice without the tough exterior, it has a nutty sweet flavor that really complements the taste of the algae’s. I advise you to do some research on this superfood it’s amazing.

Okay now to the recipe here it is for all the wonderful people who’ve read this far or the people who just skipped down because they already knew this stuff!

Warning! People please if your not use to this kind of dosage of spirulina and chlorella don’t just rush in work your way up.

Algae Antioxident powerhouse Smoothie!(everything preferably organic)

2-3 tbsp of spirulina and chorella

4tbsp of trocotrenols (longevity warehouse is the only reputable supplier I know of right now, would love to know of others!)

2 tsp-1tbsp cinnamon

2tbsp coconut butter

7 drops of stevia extract

1tsp coconut sugar or honey (trust me the stevia alone is not for everyone, odd taste)

2tsp Tumeric (optional)

Pinch of salt (optional, do not over do it!)

1/2 an alvocado

Drink the smoothie along with some astaxathin(for reasons mentioned above)

The amount of water or milk you add depends on your container I would just put the ingredents in first and just put enough water to make it creamy but not too liquidated you might have to play around with it .

serves 1-2 people. The smoothies is high in protein so it can be used as a vegetarian protein shake for post workouts.

also if your not worried about the GI of this smoothie I would reccomend you cut the stevia and add a banana. Tell me what you think in the comments below and have a wonderful day!




Also checkout this amazing Interview with Truth Caulkins about spirulina very informative! http://www.longevitywarehouse.com/Articles.asp?ID=434






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