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Nanditha Ram is a Reiki master and yoga and wellness coach, holistic therapist, and writer, living and working in New Zealand.

Staying fit with pranayama

Pranayama is the manipulation of the life force energy (or chi) using the breath. The idea is to achieve optimum health by manipulating the pranic rhythms of the body. Pranayama has great health benefits. It also helps one reach higher… 0 Shares |

Yoga: contortions, distortions and misunderstandings

I recently read an article in The New York Times about the dangers of yoga entitled How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body (http://nyti.ms/1FOROWp). Let me play devil’s advocate for a second and say, “yes, it can”. Indeed, anything taken to… 0 Shares |

Yoga makes the mind supple

How do you relax in a pose that is causing you discomfort, right? Relaxing in a pose is all about getting comfortable with your discomfort. It’s a mind over matter stance. Pain as we all know, is a given. Suffering,… 0 Shares |

Yoga and alchemy

Of all yoga practices known to me so far, pranayama is my favorite. And of all the pranayama practices, Ujjayi tops the list. Here’s why: The word Ujjay means victorious in Sanskrit. One is not entirely certain why this particular… 0 Shares |

Fennel: combining the best of taste and therapy

Don’t let the term Foeniculum Vulgare put you off. It’s only fennel we’re talking about. Some people don’t welcome the idea of cooking with fennel, but wait, don’t be in a hurry to dismiss this culinary delight and medicinal herb… 0 Shares |

Yoga and wellness project

An idea has been growing in my mind for a long time now. Yoga has always been close to my heart and it is a significant part of my life’s journey to teach these ancient techniques. When conducting regular classes… 0 Shares |

Cracking the egg code: free range, pasture-raised, cage free, organic and omega-3 enriched

Time was when eggs were just eggs. Life is a lot more complicated now with too many choices and encoded labels to define those choices. Every carton of eggs these days will have a label which says “free-range”, “organic”, “pasture-raised”… 0 Shares |

Lose weight and keep it off with gymnema

If you have tried every diet on the planet while putting yourself through grueling exercise regimes, all for naught, then take heart because gymnema is here. Often, there is more to your weight crisis than simply a number on the… 0 Shares |

Ancient science of bio-resonance: answer to pollution

An ancient vedic fire ritual has been rekindled because they say it offers the ultimate protection against pollution. This is the science of bio-energy which denotes the process of eliminating the toxic nature of the atmosphere through the agency of… 0 Shares |

Too much sugar in children’s breakfast cereal

Millions of kids eat packaged cereal every morning for breakfast. These boxes are not as benign and health giving as they appear to be. Cereals contain so much sugar, they ought to be fired from the supermarket shelves altogether. Parents,… 0 Shares |