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Is Healing Jewelry Right For You?

Do you wear healing jewelry designed to provide you with a sense of mental and physical comfort? Whether it’s wearing a rose quartz pendant or chakra-balancing bracelets, the idea is that they can work wonders when it comes to improving… 0 Shares |

7 Sneaky Food Marketing Strategies Designed to Trick You

All of those “buy 2 for the price of 1” supermarket or massive chain-store deals sound appealing, don’t they? Well, you may not be getting the deal you think you are. Many so-called deals are nothing more than clever food… 0 Shares |

Is Your Bad Breath a Sign of Bad Health?

Good oral hygiene consists of brushing, flossing, and rinsing teeth on a regular basis. Some people also use a water flosser or enjoy oil pulling, which involves swishing coconut oil in your mouth for a few minutes, then spitting out.… 0 Shares |

Is a Raw Food Diet Right for You?

Chances are, you’ve heard about a raw food diet. Many believe it has the ability to greatly improve health, while others say that it might not be effective at all. Here’s a look at both sides of the diet that… 0 Shares |

8 Natural Healing Benefits of Rosemary

It’s no secret that rosemary adds a wonderful flavor to many meals, not to mention fills the home with a pleasant aroma. At the same time, it also helps your physical and mental health, a notion that goes back to… 0 Shares |

Why You Should Stop Eating Low-Fat, Zero-Calorie Foods

There was a time, after losing 70 pounds many years ago, that all I ate were mostly low-fat and zero-calorie foods. The less fat, I reasoned, the better. However, I wasn’t making the healthy choices I thought I was —… 0 Shares |

8 Reasons Why You’re Thirsty All the Time

Occasional thirst is one thing, but if you find that you’re constantly parched, it could mean that underlying health conditions are at hand. Here’s a closer look at what might be causing your excessive thirst. 1. Diabetes It’s estimated that… 0 Shares |

Eat These Foods to Fight the Top 5 Bowel Disorders

Let’s face it, the topic of bowel disorders isn’t fun at all. From cramps, bloating, irregular bathroom habits, and general discomfort, the health issue can be bothersome. Chances are, you’ve tried a variety of so-called remedies to get your system… 0 Shares |

Lose Weight with Coconut Oil

It’s estimated that over one-third of United States adults are obese, an often preventable issue that’s linked to some serious health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and stroke. Many of these adults — maybe even you — are… 0 Shares |

7 Habits That Aren’t As Healthy as You Think

If you want to improve or maintain your health, you might be surprised to learn that you’re doing things — things you think are healthy — that get in the way of such goals. You may believe your habits are… 0 Shares |