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Stand Up to Sedentary Behavior and Feel the Difference

As far back as our hunter-gatherer years, the human body was designed to move around throughout the day, cycling through a number of different postures. Now that we’re deep in the digital era, most of us move around way less… 0 Shares |

Chiropractic Advice for Expectant Mothers

Any mother can confirm that pregnancy causes significant strain on a woman’s body. Globally, the average female weighs around 150 pounds. Add to this the additional weight of a growing baby and it is understandable why many expectant mother suffer… 0 Shares |

Keep Your Dog Flea Free with ACV

Fleas that just won’t go away are a problem for many pet owners. Finding a safe, non-toxic solution to your never-ending flea infestation can be an incredibly frustrating endeavor, and many dog owners eventually turn to chemical solutions in defeat.… 0 Shares |

Supercharge your Blood to Combat Cancer

A recent landmark study has woken up the scientific community to the incredible effect that exercise has on the body’s ability to fight cancer. The study compared the blood taken from adult males of average health, both before and after… 0 Shares |

Home Pest Control without the Toxic Chemicals

When it comes to controlling pests, many homeowners spend large amounts of money hiring exterminators. Worse still, some choose to buy foul smelling and toxic sprays and chemicals to poison the insects invading their homes. What many homeowners fail to… 0 Shares |